What if I Never Feel Full?

I have heard a time or two that some people can eat some enormous amounts of food yet never feel full. If you are one of these people, it is likely that you have struggled with mindless overeating for a long time. Why don’t you ever feel full? It’s probably because you have eaten past the point of feeling satiated on several occasions. You probably aren’t sure how to even feel full anymore. In a sense, maybe your body has said, “You know what, if Holly isn’t going to listen to the signals that I am full, I am just not going to tell her anymore, and she can fend for herself.” It has stopped sending you messages because you have stopped responding.

Overeating can be be hard on the body and even dangerous at times. Competitors in eating contests can put themselves at risk of damaging their stomach lining or esophagus, and they do this by training their bodies to ignore the full feeling.

If you have stopped responding to your body’s messages and aren’t sure how to feel full, what can you do to change this condition and get some normalcy back? It is possible. However, it is a matter of retraining yourself to listen very closely to your body’s cues. At first, you may not know when you are hungry or full. You may need the help of a nutritionist to create a food plan for you. A nutritionist would be able to show you the amount of food that would make the typical body begin to feel full. Eventually, after eating this way for awhile, your body would start to send you the correct signals again.

Or many this is something you can work on yourself without the help of a professional. Let’s try a new approach. If you have troubles feeling the full signals from your body, maybe you could decide before you even start eating when you are going to stop. Look at your plate and decide how much might make you feel completely full. Once you have decided, estimate what 80 percent of that amount would look like; maybe two thirds of what’s on your plate.

Slowly eat this amount. I say slowly because your body takes a full 2o minutes to actually digest your food. Slow down and give your body time to register how much you have eaten. If you eat quickly and stop at what you think is 80 percent full, you may actually be 100 percent full and not know it, since your body has not caught up with your mind yet.

The 80 percent rule is also a good tool for those who may under eat as well, who may feel too full when trying to eat a large meal. Feeling too full is a significant trigger or discomfort and negative feelings. Aiming for the 80 percent rule should help to avoid feeling the “too full” reaction.

Do you ever feel like you could just keep on eating and never feel full?

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  1. says

    Now this is definitely food for thought. My diet has been atrocious over the past few months – constantly working, not much time to eat and when I do eat, it’s a LOT and not great stuff. I can devour a pizza or box of chicken no problem without my tummy even grumbling.

    Nice tip with the 80% rule. I’m fed up with my eating habits now and am craving fruit and vegetables by the bucket load – although I think I’ll need to train my body again so that it knows when I’m full because right now, that only happens if I eat until I burst.

    • Holly says

      Thanks for the comment Tom! You’re right on when you say you’ve just been too busy to keep healthy eating habits. I know how easily life can just get in the way, but maybe a question to ask yourself, “how important is my health and my eating habits to me?” Maybe we should learn to make the necessary time to plan out some healthy meals.
      That is great that you’re craving fruits and veggies though! Maybe as soon as you get your produce home from the store, get them all washed and prepared. Maybe even divide them out into portion sizes so you aren’t over-eating. Yes, I Know it takes extra time, but it’s just a one time thing each time you buy your produce. Get it done and you’ll be set for the week!

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