Why New Year’s Resolutions are Holding You Back from Achieving Success Today!




If you’ve looked at any calendar in the last little while, you are doing one of three things:

  1. freaking out because the world is about to end
  2. freaking out because it’s about time to put your New Year’s resolution into place
  3. freaking out because you just can’t wait to put your New Year’s resolution into place and wish it were the New Year already!

For all option 1’s out there, get a hold of yourself. The world is still going to be here after December 21, 2012 For all option 2’s, hold onto your pants – most likely it’s time for a change. For all option 3’s – what are you waiting for?! Your time is NOW! I know some people who absolutely love New Year’s Day (Hi, Mom!). They love it for the fact that it’s a new beginning. A time for a change. A time to put new habits into place. A time to really live the life they’ve been waiting to live. A time to put the prior year behind them and move on to something bigger and better. This sounds all lovely and optimistic, but at the same time, it’s kinda gloomy! What about today?

Why New Year's Resolutions are Holding You Back from Achieving Success Today

What’s wrong with today to make a change? You say you want to quit smoking on January 1st? Or you want to start your workout regime at the first of the year? C’mon guys, let’s get started today! Think about it. You could be so far ahead of the game if you just start now. Today is as good as any day. Just because it’s a new year and the beginning of something brand new and fresh, doesn’t mean you are limited to starting new things on that specific date! And what about when your cool new resolution gets broken? Then what? Are you going to wait until the next year to re-start? Absolutely not! You aren’t even going to wait until the following Monday (as many of us do). You can re-start the next day, the next hour, or even the next minute. You know what you’re doing by holding yourself to the next NEW year or week to make changes? You are wasting your time and your life. You are making the conscious statement to yourself that you would rather live a few more days/weeks/months making poor choices. You are telling yourself that you are not worth it.

Seriously guys, do not put yourself at the back of the line. Your bad habits do not deserve a spot at the front of the line anymore. You have 100% ability to cut in line for your benefit!

I despise New Year’s Resolutions. I never ever make them. Never did as a kid, and I never will as an adult. And it’s not because I’m afraid I will break them. It’s because I had already made all the changes I wanted to by the time New Years came around. And I knew that if something else came around that I needed to change, I would take care of it when I needed to, and not just when the calendar says I should.

Remember an ongoing theme here at Happy Food, Healthy Life. YOU are in charge of your life!” {Click to Tweet That!}You get to choose how things go. This goes for all aspects of your life. Your relationships, your health (for the most part), your fitness level, your career, and your habits are all in your hands. It’s an awesome gift we have as humans to be able to make such decisions.

So, now is the time for you to get started. Sign up for that gym membership today – not on January 1st! And if you happen to get in a workout slump in the middle of February, please do not start saying things like, “Welp, there’s always next year!” No. The correct phase is more along the lines of, “Welp, there’s always tomorrow. There’s always after work.” Do not brush it off as just another failed resolution.   If you want to see changes now, you must make the decision to make changes in that direction… NOW!

Of course, some of you are die-hard resolution-makers and I’m not going to change your mind there, and fine, that’s your thing. But if you’re going to make a resolution, I want you to make one that is really going to bring a complete lifestyle change to you. I’ve come up with a few ideas on how you can make a successful lifestyle change rather than an easy-to-break resolution this year.


  1. says

    Got my gym membership this month, going today and tomorrow… in fact instead of the customary getting drunk and blasted on NY’s day. Going to the special New Years class my Bikram Yoga class is having tonight 😉 2013 bring it on!

    • Holly says

      That sounds like a GREAT way to ring in the new year! I’m also yoga-ing today and tomorrow. Wouldn’t want to end and begin a year any other way.

  2. says

    Hi Holly:

    Good to connect with you on G+. I’ve been losing weight in the past few months. There is nothing more important than your own health. 😉

    Wish you a great great new year. Will connect with you more later.

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