Weekend Web Findings – Edition 4


The seasons are definitely changing around here. The fall leaves have mostly all crinkled up and fallen to the ground. The air has a ridiculously cold chill to it. The mountains are snow-capped. There has even been some snow down on the valley floors. I’m not a fan of snow before Thanksgiving. Kind of in the same way that I’m not a fan of peppermint, Santa, and red&green before Thanksgiving. With Thanksgiving so late in the month though, these things are seeming to come so soon. I do have to admit that tomorrow, 3 days before Thanksgiving, I do have a peppermint recipe for you. It will be perfect for your day after Thanksgiving shopping or just cozy-ing up inside.

Speaking of Thanksgiving… anyone else doing any mad prep before the big day? I have actually never hosted a Thanksgiving at my home, so there’s not a whole lot for me to do besides prepare a couple dishes Thursday morning to take to both my family’s and my in-law’s that day.  Maybe next year, we’ll host the big feast. If you’re looking for a last-minute snack-y snack to take to any feasts you are invited to, later this week, I have a family favorite. It comes together in minutes and is HIGHLY addicting!

Anyway – enough blabbing. You came here to check out the cool stuff I found around the web. Some of it’s food related. Most of it’s not. It’s really just a collection if the things I’ve found this week and wanted to share with you.

Links I Found Around the Web:

* Even if you’ve never really loved Katy Perry, you’re gonna love this dance routine to her latest song, Roar. Talk about Body Empowerment!
* How to start enjoying your food instead of devouring it
* What if animals were round?
* Struggling with all the food going on this week? Check out the Thanksgiving Mini-Survival Guide to help get you through what could be a rough day.
* Have you guys seen Joy the Baker’s new video series, Bonkers Awesome? I’m in love!
* I wouldn’t normally link to another list post, but Heidi always has the BEST Friday Faves posts! Tons of great links this week!
* Oh my, so many tears watching this one!
* Why “Moist” is the worst word EVER! I seriously cringe every time I hear it.

Very Pinteresting:


What a wonderfully classy way to package cupcakes as gifts!



Do hard things

And this is just an image that struck me hard, as my family takes on some huge life changes over the next couple of months.

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