Vegetarian Philly Melt

Vegetarian Philly Melt

I don’t talk a lot about being vegetarian. Not because I don’t care about the reasons I’ve chosen to not eat meat. Mostly just because it’s irrelevant to everything we have going on here. My goal here is not to get you to eat certain things or conform to a specific set of rules. My goal is just for you to have a healthy relationship with food and to truly enjoy the foods that you love.

But yes, I am vegetarian and have been for about nine years. Since I chose a meat-free way of life at a somewhat early age, there are certain meat-laced foods I never had the chance to try. Sometimes I get a little bummed about that. But then I make something awesome that I feel would be an awesome replacement for it’s meat counterpart and get un-bummed real fast.

That is what happened here. Philly Cheese Steak. Yup, I missed that boat. That’s kind of sad, right? I was craving an ooey gooey sammy that resembled something like a classic cheese steak, and I know there’s nothing that would completely replace it. But oh man. You guys. You have to try this. Even if you aren’t vegetarian. If you’re just looking for a delicious sandwich that will hit the spot, this is the one for you. And I know a lot of people are looking for meatless meals every so often for their families. You have to keep this one in mind.

Oh and on top of delicious, can you say easy? This probably took me about 5 minutes to slap together.

Busy weeknight + meatless meal + uber deliciousness = YUM in your tum! (Click to Tweet that!)

Vegetarian Philly Melt

Vegetarian Philly Melt

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yields 2 sandwiches 


ciabatta bread
1 Tablespoon butter
1 roma tomato, diced
1 cup baby portobellas, sliced
1 slice swiss cheese
1 slice pepper jack cheese
1 teaspoon dried basil


In skillet, over medium heat, melt butter. Once butter is melted, add mushrooms, tomatoes, and basil. Be sure that your skillet is large to hold all the tomatoes in a single layer. This ensures even cooking throughout the mushrooms.

Once the mushrooms are soft and the juices start to release, you can flip them to brown and cook through from the other side.

When vegetables are cooked through, place both cheeses on top, lower heat, and cover with a lid. When the cheese has melted through, transfer entire contents of the skillet to a plate or cutting board.

Place your ciabatta rolls on the hot skillet (insides of the rolls down on the heat) for a minute or so to heat the rolls through. Once heated, place the veggies on the roll.

Vegetarian Philly Melt

Simple as that! See, I told you it’s an easy one. I have a hard time even calling it a recipe since I literally just threw it together on a whim.

This is a non-political blog in any way, shape, or form, but as I’m typing this on the evening of the second Tuesday in November 2012, I’m doing my best not to type with a tense jaw and clenched teeth. Yup, kinda freaking out over here. I should probably turn the tv off for a couple of hours, but I can’t help but keep watching. Let’s just hope that by the end of the night, I’m not watching a train wreck. I’m also really hoping we don’t end up with a Bush/Gore situation where there dangling doodads all over the place. Alllllright, that will be the extent of my political speak here on Happy Food Healthy Life. Just know I was freaking out while this was being written.

How bout, let’s go back to ooeygooey comfort food, yeah? Okay!

Vegetarian Philly Melt


    • Holly says

      Thanks Erin for stopping by and saying hi! This is a seriously good sammy, and it’s SO quick and easy to whip up. You won’t be disappointed!

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