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Start Living the Life You Were Given // Happy Food Healthy Life

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a Motivational Monday. Believe it or not, but the baby-making situation has been weighing heavy on my mind and has been consuming my each and every thought for the last six months or so. But even with big and all-consuming situations, there is a need for motivating. No matter how much I’ve got big and happy things going on in my life, Mondays keep happening. And Mondays honestly just keep on sucking. I’m not gonna sugar-coat it. The getting up early for work after getting to sleep in for two days. The having to put on a bra and leave the house. The having to put on REAL pants after lounging in yoga pants all week. Yeah, it all happens on Mondays, and it’s just plain not fair!

So let’s get to it. I’ll be quick so you can get on with your super busy and stressful day.


“To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are.”

When I first saw this quote on Pinterest, it just spoke to me in such a strong way, and I hope you are able to see this too. How many times are we wishing we are something or someone else?

* “I wish I was a do-it-all mom who has all her shit together. Cooking, cleaning, soccer games, and a hot bod.”

* “I wish I was as skinny as those Victoria Secret models.”

* “I wish I had the ability to sing and dance like all those contestants on talent shows.”

What do all these thoughts and wishes bring us? A whole lot of nothing if all we are doing is wishing.

I want you to take a minute and think about all that you already are. Think about all your strengths. Think about your talents and achievements. Think about all you have to offer. Make a list. List all of your awesome traits that make you happy that you have your life and not someone else’s.

You were given a whole huge set of traits in this life that make you unique. You have the ability to take them, make them soar, and live a life that others can look up to and admire.

So often, we hope and wish we had things differently in our lives. We are always comparing ourselves to everyone around us and trying to hard to measure up. The awesome thing about this life is that we get to make ourselves awesome in our OWN way.

Sure, who wouldn’t want to have a model body, have all their shit together as a mom, and have all the talents in the world? But instead of focusing all we have on those wishes, let’s start taking what we have as individuals and start soaring and writing our OWN stories!


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