So You Eat When You’re Stressed – Now What?

Stress-eating can be a real struggle for so many people. Today I break down the healthy ways you can combat stress without turning to food!

So You Eat When You're Stressed - Big Deal! Now what are you going to do about it? |

There are so many reasons why many of us eat outside of physical hunger. As much as we may try, there are many forces driving us to eat our emotions. I see it all the time, especially at my 9-5 job where things can get a bit stressful (I’m in the accounting department). Lots of stress eating. I wouldn’t be surprised if stress was the number one reason why people eat outside of hunger.

So what about you? Is stress something that makes you eat? You’re doing fine all day long. Eating healthy. Feeling awesome about things. And then BOOM! Some bomb goes off in your life, and all bets are off. The rest of the day is spent just grabbing at foods that probably have little to no nutritional value. All for the sake of hoping it will fix the stress.

Well, let me tell you. It won’t.

If anything, the crappier you eat, the worse you’re going to feel in the long run.

Maybe you’re not sure if you are a stress-eater, although, chances are, if you’re reading this you already know. But if you’re not sure, I wrote a post to help you determine if you eat out of emotion.

Here’s the thing though. There’s no shame in stress-eating. I would guess that the majority of us do it to some extent. What I’ve done though is come up with a few simple simple tools that will help you combat the nasty stress bug and get you past the urge to feed your stress with potato chips and cheetos.

Instead, you’ll be feeding your stress with healthy kick-ass options that will knock your stress out of the water!

Head on over to Real Housemoms where I break it all down for you and give you some awesome options for combating the stress!

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