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There is one type of food that my family loves, and it’s probably very similar to the things your family loves. Sweets! Candy and cookies and cakes and brownies. My kiddo just wants it all! He would opt for a tiny piece of candy over a full healthy meal that would fill him up.

Thankfully, this past week, I got the opportunity to try Outshine’s Fruit & Veggie Bars and share them with my family. Oh.My.Goodness, you’d think it was Christmas morning in our house. The kiddo was thrilled with the new treats I was letting him indulge in. But of course, I was snickering a bit inside.


This mama totally won because while kiddo thought he was enjoying sugary treats, I knew he was getting a delicious blend of real fruits and vegetables and no artificial flavorings or high fructose corn syrup! The bars come in many different flavors, including Blueberry Medley, Tangerine Carrot, Apple and Greens, Peach Mango Medley and Strawberry Rhubarb. We were only able to try out a few of the flavors, but I will definitely be stocking up on the other flavors as soon as possible!

Outshine-Fruit-and-Veggie-Bars2-WMOne fun little thing I did to make Outshine Fruit & Veggie Bars extra special was to dip them in nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt and freeze them on wax paper for about 30 minutes!

Wow! Seriously, that’s a treat that I can get behind, and the excitement over this little touch was awesome.

Right from my 8 year old’s mouth: “This is like something from the ice cream truck!”


So there you have it kids (and moms). A super healthy, low-calorie, nutrient packed bar that your kids will totally mistake as an “ice-cream-truck-esque” dessert! Definitely a parenting win in my book!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Outshine Fruit & Veggie Bars.

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