How a Busy Working Mom Orders Groceries Online So She Never Has to Go to the Grocery Store Again


Let’s talk grocery shopping, ok?

Did you just get a little stressed out and overwhelmed at just the thought of entering the grocery store? I know my heart started beating a little faster. There’s so much that can make grocery shopping stressful that I just couldn’t take it anymore.

  • Getting the kiddo fed, cleaned up, and ready to go (and I only have one kid. Imagine if you have more!)
  • Lecture said kiddo about not asking for things that aren’t on the list
  • Convincing yourself that you don’t need things that aren’t on the list
  • All the people you have to maneuver at the store
  • Extra money spent on impulse buys (that happen no matter how much you try to stick to the list)

Yikes, are you stressed now?

Well, the solution is online grocery shopping. I’m obsessed. I need to tell the world about it. And today, I’m sharing my tips, tricks, and inside secrets to grocery shopping online the RIGHT WAY over on my friend Jenn’s site.

Before you head over, grab this checklist that you can use every single week.

I like to keep it in a clipboard with my grocery list and menu planner so I have everything all together when it’s time to place my order.

Now that you have the checklist, you can go to find out exactly what to do to ensure that I stay out of the grocery store. That way I keep my sanity, my energy, and my money! (plus it helps my health too!)

See the tips here!

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