October: Eat Better, Eat Together Month

We are now full swing into the school year, and we all know what that means. Homework, sports practices, and an earlier bed time for all. With all of those things, it can sometimes be difficult to fit in a family dinner during the week, especially when those golden arches are probably calling your name on your drive home from soccer practice.

October is “Eat Better, Eat Together” Month. According to Washington State University, even though nutritious food is important, children and teenagers report that what they like most about family mealtime is the conversation and interaction.They like having time to share, laugh, and really find out what everyone is up to. Is that shocking to hear? Teenagers actually enjoy spending time with their families!? That’s music to my ears.
With a busy schedule, it can be difficult to make family meals happen, but I invite you to try your hardest. Make family meals a priority. Aim for four or more family meals a week. If time is an issue, make meals quick and easy.
Need more reasons why family meals are important?
When adults and children eat together:
1. Children do better in school
2. Children have fewer behavior problems
3. Teenagers are less apt to use drugs or alcohol
4. Children and teenagers say they like more time to talk with their family
5. Communication improves between children and adults
6. Children understand their family’s values and traditions
7. Traditions are created around food and meals
Here are a couple of super quick dinner ideas to get you started:
* Bean and Cheese Burritos with brown rice and a salad
* Breakfast for dinner: Pancakes, French Toast, Eggs, Waffles – all quick and easy ideas
* Grilled Cheese and tomato soup