My Diet Includes Cupcakes, Ice Cream, and Cookies. What About Yours?

You shouldn’t have to say no to your favorite treats. Find out how you can include Cupcakes, Ice Cream, and Cookies in Your Diet!

My Diet Includes Cupcakes, Ice Cream, and Cookies... What about Yours?? Find out how this woman is able to eat sweets and still stay healthy |

Here’s the thing. I refuse to give up dessert. The sweets. The candies. The special treats. The ooey-gooey. The delightful. The… okay, you get the point. I don’t want to live without them, and I don’t have to. And neither do you!

I used to. I used to say no-way-jose to all the sweets. Back when I thought I had to eat rabbit food in order to be thin. Lettuce, carrots, coffee, and diet coke. Somehow I thought those were the things that would make me skinny.

Of course, I didn’t realize that I was only sabotaging myself and my efforts.

What happens when you restrict dessert?

Well, about every 2-3 weeks when I was trying to master the afore-mentioned rabbit food diet, I would snap. My brain wouldn’t shut off. All it could think about was cupcakes, ice cream, and cookies. I’d try to push it out of my mind, but when it came down to it, the thoughts just wouldn’t go away. Eventually, I would go to the store and buy all these foods I was day-dreaming about, knowing that I was about to shove them in my pie-hole.

And then I would spend the next two to three weeks trying to repair the “damage” by restricting all the sweets again… until the next impulse came along. This was definitely not a healthy or realistic cycle for me to continue with for the rest of my life. Something needed to change.

My Diet Includes Cupcakes, Ice Cream, and Cookies... What about Yours?? Find out how this woman is able to eat sweets and still stay healthy |

What a Healthy Life with Desserts Looks Like

My eating habits are a whole lot different now. Let me count the ways:

* I don’t consider desserts to be on a “bad” list.

* If I’m craving something specific, I will allow it – in moderation.

* I often make the foods I’m craving at home so I can substitute in healthier ingredients.

* I don’t crave desserts nearly as often because my subconscious knows I can have them whenever I want – because I have trained my body to trust me.

Here’s an analogy:

You have a child who asks for a new toy every time you take him to the store. You say no every time. He begs and begs more and more. Finally when you give in, he feels like he needs all the toys in the world and puts a ton of them in the cart because he doesn’t think he’ll ever get to buy a toy ever again in his entire life because he’s been told ‘no’ for so long.

Maybe you begin to have a change of heart and start allowing for small toys here and there. Not every time, because you don’t want to spoil him or let him think the over-indulgence is okay. But every so often. Over time, your kiddo stops asking for toys because he knows he has enough. He knows he gets to buy a new small toy on occasion, and that is enough to satisfy him until the next time.

It is the same thing for desserts. Once you start allowing desserts, your body starts to understand that they’re coming on a fairly regular basis and there’s no real reason to indulge in them every day. There’s no shortage of ooey-gooey’s. They aren’t going away any time soon. So it will be okay if you skip out and say no here and there.

Make the Change

So that’s that.

Next time you’re craving chocolate, by all means, indulge in the chocolate. Don’t go crazy. Maybe just start with a small square of dark chocolate and see if that tames the sugar-beast. For me, that’s all it takes. Or maybe one cookie. One small slice of cake. Small. It doesn’t take a lot to cure the cravings.

(Food for thought: You may think you need a large amount to satisfy your craving, but often, if you’re needing to eat more than just a few bites of a specific flavor, you’re trying to feed something besides a craving. Maybe you’re trying to numb some sort of emotional pain. Or maybe you’re just bored. Either way, a true flavor-craving should be satisfied within a few bites.)

So what foods have you been restricting that you’d like to bring back into your life? Do you have foods on the “bad” list that you’d like to eat every so often? Tell me about it below!

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