You Must Do the Thing You Think You Cannot Do – Motivational Monday

You Must Do the Thing You Think You Cannot Do. Often all it takes it just TRYING!

You Must do the Thing You Think You Cannot Do. Often all it takes it just TRYING! -

Think of all the goals you have in your life that you kind of put in the back of your mind. Losing weight. Running a marathon. Taking up a new hobby or sport that seems a little far out of your reach. Making a jump toward something that will make you incredibly happy but that is incredibly scary all at the same time. You put these goals and aspirations in the back of your mind because, when it comes down to it, you don’t believe you can do them.

As human beings, we are afraid of failure. We are afraid that things will be too hard and that we will eventually just give up and fail. Because of this fear, often we don’t even take the first step to even try. We just choose not to reach for those goals. That way, there will be no failure.

The thing is…. there will also be no success.

Once you actually take action and try something, it may become apparent that there is more in you than you thought there was. More will. More strength. More courage. More guts. Just more.

And you will never find out just how much more until you actually give it a go.

So what things do you think you cannot do? What’s stopping you?

That marathon on your bucket list? It’s time you start training and give it a go. You can’t fail at it without actually trying.


  1. says

    I love this attitude! Most of what holds is back is not lack of ability, or lack of motivation… it’s just us that holds us back! Our fears, our insecurities, and our focusing on things that are less important to us. If we get out of our own way, we can really be amazing.

    • Holly Waterfall says

      I know it! I hear all the time, I don’t have self-control, I don’t have motivation, I don’t have the drive… etc etc. It has nothing to do with those things. It has to do with our goals and mindsets. Thanks for coming back Chanelle!

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