Be Kind To Yourself

It’s another Monday, and if I remember correctly, Mondays pretty much suck. You just barely get into the swing of the weekend, and BAM! there it is. Bright and early, full of hustle and bustle, memories of the lazy weekend quickly being swept away by errands, appointments, and the 9-5 you’ve grown to tolerate.

Welp, I have good news for you today. Mondays don’t have to be so bad! I’m here to bring you your weekly dose of motivation in the form of a few words. As I’ve mentioned in the past, there are so many quotes and great words of motivation that I find on Pinterest, and they just end up sitting on a board not being put to good use. So I’ve decided to choose something inspiring that I found on Pinterest and elaborate on it, in hopes to help you get through this Monday.

Be Kind To Yourself - Life is WAY too short to spend another day at way with yourself

I want you to think about how your day may start. Maybe you step on the scale and you get a little (or a lot) bummed about the number you see. Or you look at yourself in the mirror, scrunching your nose at the extra wrinkle you’ve noticed between your eyes. Or maybe you’re pinching at that little extra bit around your mid-section that you just wish would magically disappear.

Now think about the energy that you are bringing into your life as you go through these negative thoughts and actions. Are they necessary? Do you truly have all the time in the world that you think you should fill your moments with this war with and against yourself? Life is seriously short. It’s already moving ahead at lightspeeds, and I don’t want to miss one moment of it. I don’t want to fill one of those short moments with me being pissed off at my muffin top. I would rather spend that moment laughing with my son or having a meaningful talk with my honey.

There is so much that I know we, as women especially, don’t like about our bodies. But we have to remember to ask ourselves where our energy is best spent. Are you going to spend your energy fighting with yourself over the little things you dislike about yourself? You could either choose to do actively do something about it in order to combat those feelings. Or you could make peace with yourself. Tell yourself that you may never be 100% happy with your body, but that you are no longer going to put energy into it.

That is a lot of how I have had to deal. I have made peace with the fact that my hips are bigger than I would like them to be. And although I still work at it at the gym we have agreed to disagree. My hips refuse to let go of the cookie dough that I feed them, and I refuse to let that get to me. I have realized that I do not have unlimited time to waste on pointless things such as trying to shrink my hips while still eating cookie dough. It’s not worth it. It never was.

So this Monday, remember this. You are your closest friend. You know yourself better than anyone else. Treat yourself with kindness. Treat yourself the way you would your best friend. Give yourself compliments about how awesome your butt looks in those jeans (whether you mean it or not). Say it until you do start to believe it. There is no time in this life to waste on negativity. Be a best friend to yourself… one you can depend on to lift you up and make you feel awesome about yourself.

What is one negative behavior you can let go of in order to be nicer to yourself?



    • says

      I agree that guilt is the worst. When I am working I feel guilty for not spending enough time with my children and when I am spending time with my children I feel guilty for being behind on work. I can’t win for losing sometimes. Either way, I feel it.

      ~ Victoria
      Drive Me Crazy Family Adventure

      • Holly says

        gah! story of my life. it’s a back and forth game every day. do i sacrifice my blog or do i sacrifice my family time? i swear, i can never find the balance.
        Thanks for stopping by.

  1. says

    I am the queen of negative self-talk. It became such a norm for me that I didn’t even realize I was doing it! Luckily after some hard work I’ve been able to (usually) turn it around. Amazing how that just drags everything down.

    This is a great post and a wonderful reminder to be kind to myself. Thank you!

    • Holly says

      thank you Kare! I truly feel that so much of our mood has a direct correlation with we look at and treat ourselves. I appreciate you stopping by!

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