Mistakes You’re Making When You Ditch Dieting for a Healthy Lifestyle

We all know that living a healthy lifestyle is smarter than going on a diet, but there are some big mistakes you might be making when it comes to making the switch to getting healthy. Are you making these mistakes?

Mistakes You're Making when You Ditched Your Diet for a Healthy Lifestyle - We all know that living a healthy lifestyle is smarter than going on a diet, but there are some big mistakes you might be making when it comes to making the switch to getting healthy. Are you making these mistakes? Click through to find out!

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I know all about the food and weight loss trends. Diets are out and “healthy lifestyles” are in. It’s been moving that way for the last few years. The large majority of people trying to get healthy are claiming to not be following a diet. You know exactly what I mean, right? It sounds something like this.

Co-worker 1: You look so great! What diet are you on?

Co-worker 2: Oh, well, I wouldn’t really call it a diet. It’s more like a lifestyle change. I just eat healthier foods. But I definitely am not on a diet.

Co-worker 1: Well that sounds amazing! So you can eat anything then?

Co-worker 2: Not exactly. I really try to stay away from sweets and I don’t eat past 7:00pm because that’s supposed to be really bad for your metabolism. It’s hard though cause I get really bad chocolate cravings after the kids go to bed.

Co-worker 1: I see, so you’re just eating healthy foods and stopping at 7pm every night. That doesn’t sound very hard at all. What about going out to eat or going to parties? How do you handle that?

Co-worker 2: Honestly, sometimes I don’t even go because it’s so much of a hassle. I mean, I don’t want to have to bring my own meal to a party and restaurants hardly have healthy enough foods for me.

Co-worker 1: Huh, that’s a total bummer.

Co-worker 2: Yeah, well, I guess it’s worth it, right? But hey, what are YOU doing? You look great as well. You must be doing some crazy dieting! Tell me what it is.

Co-worker 1: Oh me? Nah, I’m not doing anything at all. In fact, I’m about to dig into my pasta leftovers from last night. And thank goodness for Kate’s baby shower this afternoon because I’m really craving some chocolate cake!

Co-worker 2: I think I’m going to have to miss that one. I can’t tempt myself with chocolate or I’ll eat it. I’ve just gotta stay good.

Co-worker 1: Well, you’ll be missing out!


Does this sound familiar at all to you? Ladies are calling it a “healthy lifestyle” but it still looks exactly like a diet, and it’s hurting them.

Let’s start by breaking it down a bit. What is a Diet?

A diet has rules.

Things you can eat. Things you can’t.

Times you should and shouldn’t eat.

Amounts of food you shouldn’t eat.

Number of times you should eat.

Here are some examples:

  • Low-carb, low-fat, sugar-free, high protein, meat-free, etc for weight loss: These diets all have rules
  • Only eating between certain times. Stopping any eating after dinner or a specific time, no matter how hungry you get: That’s a dieting rule.
  • Not allowing yourself doughnuts, cake, cookies, ice cream, pasta, bread, or any other specific food no matter how much you love them: That’s a dieting rule.
  • Only eating 3 times a day even if you’re hungry in between: That’s a dieting rule.
  • Not allowing yourself to go over a certain amount of calories despite your hunger level: That’s a dieting rule.


We’ve now determined that you’re possibly actually still on a diet despite thinking you’re living a healthy lifestyle.

But you may be thinking to yourself,

What’s the big freakin’ deal with having some rules and structure?

Oh my dear one, I so understand. I’m a structure kind of gal. I like rules. I like game-plans. I like something I can just follow.

But following these crazytown rules makes for some crazytown behavior.

You know that saying, rules are only made to be broken. Well ain’t that the truth?

The minute you tell yourself you’re not allowed to have something, you want nothing but that one something. You know I’m right.

What? You say I can’t have cake?? GIVE ME ALL THE CAKES!

What? I have to stop eating at 7pm? I WANT TO EAT AT 8. AND 9… AND 10…. AHHH! IS IT MORNING YET?!

What? I can only eat 1200 calories today? GIVE ME ALL THE FOODS AND MORE! LIKE 3000 CALORIES OF FOOD!

You know what happened when I gave myself permission to “break all the rules?”

When I said, “Girl, you can eat cake if you’re craving it. You can eat after 7 as long as you’re hungry. And guess what? I’m not even gonna tell you how many calories you’re consuming.”

This is what happened. After awhile, the cravings for sweets lessened. The need to eat another meal or snack after dinner went away. And I stopped feeling deprived!

I know that’s hard. I GET it. The idea of letting go of all these rules that are associated with dieting and getting healthy can be super scary. It was for me too!

Like I said, I just want something that tells me what to do so I don’t have to think about it.

Here’s the thing though. I already have that. I’ve been given a fool-proof compass that will tell me exactly what I should and shouldn’t eat. I’ve had it since the day I was born. And guess what – so have you!

That’s right. You have had it since day one too.

YOU have the game plan.
YOU have the structure.
YOU have the tools already built right in.

All you gotta do is listen to them.

Listening to your cravings no matter what they may be.

Listening to your growling stomach at all times of the day.

Listening to the physical signals in your body that tell you when it doesn’t get along with a certain food.

Listening to the emotions going on in your body that may be mistaken for hunger.

Dude, your body is SMART! It knows what’s up.

It’s when you start giving it all those rules that it starts to act up.

Here are some of the ways your body will rebel when you give it rules:

  • Your metabolism will slow down when you don’t give it enough calories (hint: you probably need more calories than your dieting mind thinks you need)
  • You will eventually cave and break the rules. Chances are very likely that any progress you made when it comes to weight loss will be gone by breaking these rules, and you’ll often gain more weight.
  • Your mental health will suffer. It is absolutely impossible to stick to all the silly rules you and society make, and there comes a point that your mind just can’t handle yet another “failure.” Eventually you’ll start believing that you’re not meant to be healthy and your self-esteem will suffer.
  • As soon as you decide to follow the rules you choose, your body says, “ See ya! You obviously don’t need me anymore.” It stops sending the signals you need to listen to, and before long all you’re following is these rules that don’t even work!
  • When you’re on a diet, you’re constantly thinking about food. What should you bring to work for lunch? How will you handle dinner with friends? Can you get through your sister’s wedding without going over your carb limit? Food shouldn’t be the subject of those sentences. Your work, your friends, your sister’s wedding — those are the things that matter.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want that life. I don’t want a life that my own body doesn’t even understand. That’s just nonsense.

Have I convinced you yet that it is time to end the silly rules?

You’ve been saying for awhile that you’re living a healthy lifestyle, but now, I want to know… has it really been a diet?

I promise you that you are not alone. Now that you know, what now? Where do you go from here?

You definitely want to jump into this Anti-Diet Life the RIGHT way (and believe me, there is definitely a right and a wrong way here).

So I’ve put together a FREE 14-day Jumpstart Your Anti-Diet Life Challenge just for you. So you can start out the right way. So you can jump into a life that makes sense, unlike dieting and dumb rules.

Make sure you grab it right away. I will not be running this challenge forever, so you’ve got to take advantage of it now while it’s available.

Click the image below to get started!

These are some of my favorite recipes that I just can’t get enough of now that I live without dieting rules:


Cinnamon Dark Chocolate Bites


Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bar Bites

Rhubarb Anise Dairy-Free Ice Cream | Happy Food Healthy Life

Rhubarb Anise Dairy-Free Ice Cream

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  1. says

    You are so absolutely right!! I have a bad habit of giving up everything and then binging on what I couldn’t have. I need to learn how to let myself have what I want occasionally and not view things as restricted all the time. Thanks, great article!

    “VIP EMAIL” 🙂

    • Holly Waterfall says

      YES! That’s exactly what happens. You give it all up. You miss it like crazy and can’t stop thinking about it. And then you want all of it all at once. In fact, it kind of sounds like a bad breakup, doesn’t it? 😉
      But anyway, yes, the key is to not put restrictions on anything. Once you truly allow all the food in your life, it doesn’t appear as enticing and you eventually stop thinking about it.

  2. Deb says

    I am breaking my healthy lifestyle rules as I’m reading this. I’ve lost 54 lbs this past year, and I am 6 lbs from the goal set by my doctor – I have health issues and needed to lose some weight. I’ve been successful until recently. When I read your VIP EMAIL tonight, I knew I needed to read this. I didn’t have any rules until I hit a plateau with 10 lbs left to goal – that was in December. Now, I’m making all kinds of rules, and breaking them every day. I don’t want to get hung up on this, but I don’t know how to get back to not dieting. I’m terrified of gaining the weight back, as I have so many times before. How do I get my non dieting mindset back? 😞

    • Holly Waterfall says

      I’m happy that this helped you to recognize some of the rules you were making for yourself. It is definitely possible to get to a natural weight without making these diet-mindset rules. You truly just have to listen to your body. What is it telling you? Is it telling you it’s hungry and you’re ignoring it at times? Is it getting upset when you eat certain types of foods? Is it wanting tastes of foods that you’re not allowing it to have because of your rules. Spend a couple days truly listening and maybe write down a log of what’s going on so you can start to get more in tune.
      Make sure you keep an eye out in your inbox in the next few weeks. I have something coming up that I think is really gonna help you. I wish it was ready to go right now for you, but SOON! Get excited!
      You got this Deb. Just pay attention to what your body is telling you.

    • Holly Waterfall says

      Hi Kristy, I know exactly where you are. I was there not long ago too. I couldn’t stop looking at recipes online, watching food network, picking up cookbooks. It was ridiculous. The obsession has finally lessened, and honestly, I rarely think about food anymore. It no longer takes over my life, which is SUCH a great feeling. Good luck!

  3. says

    I love this! When I was pregnant with my first, I was on a low carb, 30 minutes of physical activity a day lifestyle and I ended that pregnancy so healthy! It’s my goal to get back to that.

    • Holly Waterfall says

      I’m glad you were able to have such a healthy pregnancy. The awesome thing about ditching the dieting mindset is that it is totally achievable to have a healthy life without cutting or restricting certain food groups or macros (ie, lowcarb).

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