How to Stop Food Waste One Juice at a Time

Stop contributing to the constant wasting of food just by drinking this one juice that promotes the use of all fruits and vegetables despite their imperfections.

How to Stop Food Waste One Juice At a Time |

Your kids do it.

You see other people do it.

Heck, I bet you even do it!

We all do.

Waste food.

The apples with too many slight bruises that our kids won’t eat.

The fruits and veggies that are a few days past their prime at the bottom of the produce bin.

What do we do? We toss them and run out to the store to buy new.

Because we know that when we get there, we will only find beautiful and perfect fruits with no imperfections. Because farmers and markets don’t sell them.

And all of this is because we are now living in a photoshopped world where everything is perfect. Nothing is flawed. Not only are we perfecting our selfies, but we are putting filters on every single thing we photograph all for the sake of appearing to living a perfect life.

And because of this mindset, we are wasting food. We are throwing away nutritious and completely edible foods just because they don’t seem perfect.

Now I’m not talking moldy food or anything here. I’m talking about the common bumps and bruises that fruits and veggies get just from being jumbled around in grocery bags from the store to your home.

They still taste delicious and are full of the same nutrients as their “un-flawed” counterpart.

So here we are throwing away the imperfect foods while others all around the world are struggling just to get their next meal. That just doesn’t seem fair.

And I’m sad and embarrassed to admit that I have contributed to this horrible problem of throwing imperfect food away.

But it must stop now!

So what can you do about it? How can you support the end of food waste? 

How to Stop Food Waste one Juice at a Time |

Meet Eden Juice

Today, just two days before Earth Day, a new, environmentally friendly company is launching a new line of fruit and vegetable juices to help remind consumers to appreciate natural resources and celebrate natural diversity. Eden juices are made from imperfectly shaped fruits and vegetables because, despite how they look, they provide the same health benefits as perfectly shaped produce.

Dan Blake, co-founder of Eden, said, “Companies like Eden are important because of their belief that diversity and imperfections aren’t flaws to be corrected but traits to be celebrated.”

With the new line of juices, Eden wants to combat four societal issues in the U.S.: the superficial culture, food waste, hunger, and overfed yet undernourished populations.

Eden has created a product to help combat a superficial and wasteful culture that idealizes unattainable physical standards and allows certain populations to go hungry while others are overfed.

By creating accessible fresh, cold-pressed juices from imperfectly shaped fruits and vegetables, Eden hopes to limit the amount of food waste created in the U.S. while redefining the definition of perfection and making healthy meals and snacks available to everyone.

Ryan Caplin, co-founder of Eden, said, “We need to educate our generation about what really matters with food. We need to start assigning value to our food based on nutrition, not superficial standards. And we need to become smarter in the way we consume those foods.”

How to Stop Food Waste one Juice at a Time |

Because Eden is so excited about their new product, they have decided to giveaway a few gift cards to those who care about the cause just as much as they do!

By signing up to receive their newsletter, you will be entered to win 1 of 3 $150 Visa Gift Cards!

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This giveaway is open to the U.S. and Canada.

To find out more about Eden juices, visit the website at:


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    We use all of our bruised fruits and veggies for juice. We juice on a regular basis and have found that some folks at farmers markets will sell you their bruised or not so good looking fruits and veggies at a discount. Perfect for juicing.

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