Letting Go of Desire: How To Stop Eating So Much

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about letting go of our food addictions, as part of the process of being a more mindful eater. Depending on your situation, you may be trying to let go of eating too much food. Or maybe you are trying to let go of having extreme control over your food and battling a restrictive diet. The idea of just letting go sounds easier said than done, don’t you think? Like I mentioned before, it’s a lot like getting rid of an old comfortable sweater that you’ve had for years. I understand how difficult such a separation may be.

Today, I want to focus on letting go of your desires to eat and eat, without putting thought into what you are actually doing. Without being mindful. I want you to imagine one of your most craved foods. For me, it’s nachos. Think of the details. Ooey gooey melty cheese. Black olives. Salsa. Tomatoes. Sour Cream. Yup, all the trimmings. As a mindless overeater, the anticipation of this desired taste can cause intense cravings. Sometimes to the point of manic behavior. In your mind, you just have to have it!

In eastern philosophy, it is believed that much of suffering comes from desire.

And once you obtain what you desire, you only desire more. Desire is without end. (click to Tweet this!)

Think about it. As soon as you get a brand new car that you have been desiring, it’s only a month or two before you desire something newer. It never ends.

You can see how this relates to mindless eating. It’s not the actual nachos you are wanting. It’s the desire for another bite. When you eat, you probably find that you want this experience to continue. The true challenge is to let go of something that tastes good.

Please listen to a few thoughts and tools I have for letting go of this desire:

Remember, the ability to let go won’t happen overnight. Just like anything else, it takes practice, and you will need to work on it each day. Just focus on continuing in the right direction.

I know that as someone who has eaten out of control and without much thought, some of these exercises may seem hokey and kind of silly. But I want to ask  you how much it means to you to get out of this unhealthy cycle you’ve been in for so long? Maybe it’s time you make this a priority? Maybe it’s time that you actually need to put thought into the way you eat. Your health and well-being is 100% worth it.


Let me know, what desires do you have that you have a hard time letting go of? See that comment section down below? That’s where I want to hear from you!

Letting Go of Desire


  1. says

    Hey there! I’ve been reading your web site for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Houston Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the good job!

  2. LakersGirl says

    umm…. i just cant stop eating…. n its a recent development……. like just few months back…. n i already gained some 10 kgs………

    • says

      I am so incredibly sorry for your struggles. I know first-hand just how hard they are. I’ve been there more times than I would care to count. I guess you must ask yourself what the root cause of the binge-eating is. Why are you eating so much? Think about your feelings each time you go to grab food. If you are finding that you are eating your feelings, come up with a list of healthy things you can do instead of eating. (drawing, writing, healthy exercise, crafting, a hobby, etc.) keep this list on hand. I invite you to watch this video on the subject. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLXMBHiXQy4 I hope you are able to find peace soon!

  3. Kris says

    You are such an inspiration. Thank you for putting your story out there. I have been struggling with binging since the death of my daughter. That was 2 1/2 years ago. I can’t seem to take control over it. I don’t even know that it is so much about the eating, as it is about the pain I cause to myself during purging. I have been to grief counseling, but I know it wasn’t enough. I pray that I am able to gain control over it soon. I desperately want another child, and I know this is preventing it from happening. I’m not sure why I decided to comment… I just really need help.

    • Holly Waterfall says

      Kris – thank you so much for commenting. You mentioned that you’re not sure why you did, but I read it as a cry for help. You are looking for answers and a way out. I’ve been there. It’s a vicious cycle, and you are absolutely right when you say that it is not about the food. It’s about the feelings. You are eating your grief. I am so incredibly sorry for the loss of your daughter. I can’t even imagine how difficult that has been for you. You are strong enough to get through this without harming your body though. You have the power. You just have to recognize it. You have to realize that you have the ability to say enough is enough! The next time you reach for food, ask yourself why you’re doing it. What are you feeling that’s making you want to eat and cause harm to yourself? A void? A pain? Boredom? Probably a mixture of these things at times. I hope you are able to replace the action of binging & purging with something healthier and more productive. Something that will help you get through this pain.
      I am really sorry for all you are going through. I do not wish this sort of pain on anyone. Hang in there, and remember that you are strong!

      • Kris says

        Thank you. I appreciate your kind words and welcome your advice. I am trying to be strong, and face my demons one day at a time.

  4. Mel says

    Hey Holly,
    I love reading your stuff, you are a true inspiration. My problem is, I constantly have the feeling of wanting to consume things. Beverage or food. I have a strong feeling that it has to do with anxiety. It happens all the time. At work, while I’m watching Tv, or in class. I just need to figure out how to distract myself, I suppose.
    What are your thoughts?

    • Holly Waterfall says

      Thank you Mel for your kind words! I appreciate it. My honest opinion is that your body/mind/soul is craving something. Without knowing you or your experiences personally, there is no way for me to know what that void may be. For some people, it’s a hobby, or a healthy social life, or fulfillment in your job.. it could be a number of things. You just have to ask yourself what you’re truly craving. Food and drink is easy to turn to and just grab to fill any voids. I hope you are able to find peace!

      • Mel says

        Thanks Holly for the great advice. I think you might be completely right. I’ll have to put more thought into it- and try to pin point what’s missing.

  5. Dawn says

    Hey thanks for your story. I live my life around food! I don’t know how to stop!! I eat out 3 sometimes 4 times a day… I weigh arnd 200 lbs have high bp , my feet & back hurt I’m just miserable but just can’t seem to stop eating its like I’m addicted to food!!! What’s wrong with me??

    • Holly Waterfall says

      First of all Dawn, nothing is wrong with you at all. You are just having some troubles, and that is perfectly normal. We all have struggles, myself included. Have you spoken with a therapist? Have you identified why you’re eating so often? Have you tried working on intuitive/mindful eating? There are a few books out there on the topic, and they totally changed my life. It’s all about truly listening to your body and emotions each and every time you put a bite of food in your mouth. I hope this helps, and I hope you find the courage to step out and seek help. If you need any further info or advice from me, please do not hesitate to email me – holly@happyfoodhealthylife.com xo hugs!


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