How to Eat More Real Food and Produce in order to Lose Weight Naturally

When you’re meal planning, do you get lost trying to figure out what foods to actually eat in order to get healthy? In this post, I have you covered and will show you exactly how to eat more REAL food, fruits, and veggies.

Find out how Eating more REAL food and Produce can help you Lose Weight Naturally

A few weeks ago, we talked about meal planning (if you missed it, here are the deets) and how important it is to write down what you’ll be eating for each meal and snack. It’s like your blueprints, right?
Chances are though, you left that post with a whole lot of confusion because you still have no clue what the hell to put on that plan. Am I right? That seems to be the big question…


The questions I get:
“What should I eat to speed up my metabolism?”
“What am I supposed to eat in order to lose weight?”
“I need to gain weight, but want to do it in a healthy manner.”
“What foods do I eat before and after a workout?”
The list goes on and on. The reason for that is because we’re thrown a ton of conflicting information on a daily basis. Don’t eat carbs. Don’t eat fat. Meat is bad for you. Sugar will make you fat. No sweets except for cheat day. Only green food. No foods that have a mother.
My GOODNESS, no wonder you’re confused! You are not alone though. I used to be just as confused, and millions of other women feel the same way as you!

I’m going to simplify it for you. First thing’s first. You can eat anything your little heart and stomach desires. I’m not going to tell you to cut anything out. At all. It’s all game! I promise!
I’m only going to give you a couple little bitty guidelines, and then I’ll let you be on your merry way, and you can get on to planning.

How Eating more Real food and Produce will help you lose weight Naturally


1. Eat More Produce – That’s right. Fruits. Veggies. Foods that come from the ground or trees. I like to start my meal planning with a main veggie. Whether it’s going to be part of the main dish or on the side, this is a great start. At that point, you can look on the internet for a soup, salad, or casserole that features that vegetable. I personally really love this site because it tells you what foods pair well with TONS of different fruits and veggies.
So let’s say you look up broccoli, and it says it pairs well with Asian food. Then you just look up a recipe for an Asian stir-fry you want to try and add a bunch of broccoli. It’s really that easy!
2. Know Where Your Food Came From – The next time you put something in your mouth, I want you to ask yourself, “Where on this earth did this come from?” Can you honestly answer that question and feel okay with it? Whether it’s a cookie or a piece of fruit, it’s important to answer that.
If you’re eating a homemade cookie, chances are good that you CAN answer that. You know where the butter came from, the flour, and the sugar. A cookie you bought in the snack aisle at the store? You may not know. That’s a sign that you may not want to put that into your body.
3. Eat Only Foods You Truly Enjoy – Life is short. Life is meant for happiness. So why would I spend this little time I have here on this planet eating foods that I don’t like? Here’s the thing – Bananas are really really good for you. Like REALLY. But I can’t stand them. They make me gag. Blegh. Do I still try and choke them down because of their health properties? Absolutely no way in hell.
I will never tell you to eat foods that you don’t like. I will suggest that you try all different types of foods and ways to prepare them, but if you’ve tried and aren’t satisfied, then by all means, MOVE ON! No one says you have to like kale chips. I promise.
I hope now you have a little bit of a better understanding about what you should and shouldn’t be adding to your meal plan and grocery list.
And if you’re curious what else you can do RIGHT NOW to start losing weight naturally, you’ll want to grab this free resource.


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