How to Create Cupcake Embellishments Using Chocolate

How to Make Cupcake Embellishments Using Chocolate // Happy Food Healthy Life

Earlier in the week, I posted my Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes to celebrate my Blogaversary. Some of the cupcakes had some hand-written words on top of them for embellishment. A couple people asked me how to create something like this, so I figured I’d create a short tutorial. It’s really so simple and adds a stunning effect, in my opinion.

chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes 2


So let’s get started. First, you are going to melt a small ziploc bag of candy melts. These are best because they will keep their form as well as harden quickly and easily, where as some chocolates may not have those same properties. With the amount of chocolate shown below, I was able to make about 6 words and 3 numbers, so you can use your judgment from there. And of course, you could use any color you like, as Wilton brand candy melts come in a large variety of colors.

You’ll put your chocolates in a ziploc bag, but you won’t seal it up all the way, otherwise you’ll have a chocolate explosion inside your microwave. Melt for 10 seconds at a time, smooshing the bag into between, until the chocolate is completely melted with no lumps.




At this point, of course, after you seal up the bay, you could cut a very small hole in your ziploc bag and start piping from there, but I feel as though I have more control when I use a piping bag with a small tip on it. The great thing is that with the baggie, you aren’t going to have much of a mess to clean up inside your piping bag.

If you’re using the piping bag method, you’ll drop your inside coupler into the bag (which I obviously forgot to do until AFTER I had taken the following picture…), after which you’ll drop the Ziploc bag down into. At this point, you’ll snip off a small corner of the bag, top with your small piping tip, and secure with the top of the coupler.

chocolate embellishments 3


Now for the fun part. In a word document, you will type out all the words you want to display on your cupcakes. Or maybe it’s all the same word. Either way, you’re going to want to type out as many words as you’re going to need. The fun part is that you get to choose whatever font you want to use. Just a word of advice though. You will want to find a font that’s letters are all connected so everything stays together while on the cupcake.

Print this page of words out, and place it on a cookie sheet (one that will be able to fit in your freezer). On top of the paper, place a piece of wax paper. At this point, you can start tracing your words with chocolate. It’s super simple. Keep a steady hand and a steady squeeze on your piping bag, and just move slow.


chocolate embellishments 2


Once all of your words are traced out, place the cookie sheet in the freezer for an hour so. At this point, your words should come right off the wax paper so you can place them right onto your cupcakes. If they are giving you a hard time, try to use tweezers or something besides your fingers. If you’re going to be touching the chocolate for an extending amount of time, you will probably melt your hard work! It’s fine to use your fingers, but only if you’re working quickly.

Simply place the word onto the cupcake, step back and enjoy!

chocolate embellishments 4

Think of all the fun creations you could make with chocolate. For my sister’s birthday over the weekend, I piped her age out along with a couple of swirls for embellishments.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. It was a lot of fun to make for you… now go get creative!!


  1. Debbie B says

    This is a great way to top our Champagne Cupcakes for our daughter’s grad party. Light gold edible flakes and chocolate filigree toppers would be an awesome addition.

    • Holly Waterfall says

      Congratulations to your daughter! I hope she loves the cute cupcakes you’re going to make!

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