Homemade Dairy-Free Oat Milk

Homemade Dairy Free Oat Milk - An easy and healthy alternative to other milk substitutes. // Happy Food Healthy Life

Alright Alright, I know this post is quite a bit late for a Friday. But hey, better late than never, right? I will be the first to admit that these fertility medications I’m on have just knocked me on my ass! Every day after work, I pretty much crash. Between nauseousness, headaches, and exhaustion, all I really want to do is rest. So that’s my excuse for the week. Pretty please forgive me! I’m going to have to find a better solution than just begging for your forgiveness every time I get too tired though. These meds aren’t letting up any time soon, and then of course if I end up pregnant, that’s a whole new ball game. But you know what. We’ll just take this one step at a time, right? When it comes down to it, life doesn’t stop, and I’ve just got to keep moving on.

So that is where I am today. I’m sharing a recipe with you that is so simple. I have actually had this recipe ready to share with you for months, but well… you know that life thing.. it just kind of got in the way.

Why I Chose to Make Changes

Let me start way back. My son was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease (KD) shortly after his second birthday (he is now inching in toward 7 years old). KD is a very rare autoimmune disease that is extremely hard to diagnose. It’s basically a process of elimination. After days of blood tests, strep tests, and other various uncomfortable things for a 2 year old, it was determined that my little guy did indeed have KD which resulted in a small aneurism on his heart. This was all so shocking after raising an incredibly healthy baby for the prior two years. But sadly, Xander’s diagnosis of KD, although treated properly, was the kick-off of years and years of doctor’s visits and questions.

Just months after leaving the hospital from the KD, I got a call from Xander’s daycare provider that he was having trouble breathing. So there I was, frantically rushing out of work to race him to the doctor’s for a breathing treatment, wondering what could possibly be wrong with my boy this time. He was then diagnosed with asthma. No one was able to tell us why. No one could tell us if he’d have it forever. No one could tell us if the KD had triggered it. All I knew was that I had a sick little guy that I was responsible for and it was time that I took matters into my own hands.

Managing My Son’s Health

Over the last 4 years, we have had to really figure out what it is that causes Xander’s asthma. Between cleaning more often (which can seriously be difficult for me), changing his sheets more often, monitoring his physical activities, trying different essential oils, and limiting certain foods (mostly dairy), I feel like we have finally gotten a hold of the situation for the most part.

Like I said, one of the ways we’ve been able to manage Xander’s asthma is by cutting out dairy products as much as possible, as we’ve read that dairy could aggravate asthma. Since my wife and I don’t drink milk, it has not been that huge of a transition. We generally drink almond milk and thought it would be easiest to start there. Turns out, Xander doesn’t like the taste of almond milk. He also doesn’t like soy. So I tried oat milk. You’ve probably never seen it in the store. It’s something I found over at Oh She Glows blog (which I love, by the way).

As a health and money conscious mama, I am always looking for healthier and more inexpensive ways to take care of my family. Non-dairy milks are no necessarily the cheapest things in the store, so I was thrilled to find that I could make a whole mason jar full of oat milk for less than a dollar. And I was so thrilled when I tasted it! It was smooth and creamy and was something I could get used to! It took maybe a total of 20 minutes to make, and the hardest part was just rinsing the steel cut oats over and over again to get rid of any “slime” you normally get in oatmeal.

What a perfect way to introduce your family to non-dairy milk. Easy. Cheap. and Delicious. (well, unless you have a picky kid like mine. When it comes down to it, he didn’t like the oat milk, but I LOVE it and we’ve moved on to rice milk for him. Maybe that’s my next DIY project!)

Homemade Dairy Free Oat Milk - An easy and healthy alternative to other milk substitutes. // Happy Food Healthy Life

Homemade Dairy-Free Oat Milk
  • 1 cup steel cut oats
  • 3 cups water + enough water to soak oats in
  • 1 Tablespoon honey or pure maple syrup
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  1. At least 20 minutes before making the milk, soak steel cut oats in a bowl of water. As long as the water covers the oats, you have enough water.
  2. After 20 minutes or more of soaking (something I'll let it soak overnight or while I'm at work), drain through a fine strainer or cheese cloth. Once you have drained all the water out, rinse the oats thoroughly. Rinse until you don't feel any slime on the oats. When you feel like you've gotten it all rinsed, keep going. Rinse in small batches to make sure any and all film is gone or you will have a slimy milk.
  3. When completely rinsed, add oats and 3 cups of water in your high powered blender. Blend on high for about 10-15 seconds. Strain through your fine strainer or cheese cloth (or nut bag) into a bowl or pitcher. Get as much of the liquid out as you possibly can. Either discard of the solid grains or save them use in smoothies, cookies, breads, etc. Put the liquid through a strainer again back into your blender and blend for 10-15 seconds. Repeat the process of straining into a bowl and into your blender one more time.
  4. The last cycle into the blender, you will want to add your honey (or pure syrup) and cinnamon before mixing. Once all blended, store in an air-tight jar for about 3-4 days in the refrigerator. Before drinking, shake well to combine all properties.


  1. Kirsten says

    My son has asthma attacks also 24 hours after a dairy product. And after soy and almond milk I like to try your recipe. wanna change the honey by dates. Thanks for sharing.

    • Holly Waterfall says

      I’m so sorry your son also struggles with asthma. It is so hard to see our babies struggle, isn’t it? I’ve finally gotten my son to like (or at least tolerate) vanilla almond milk. I hope you try and love the oat milk though! Let me know what you think.

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