Hip Hop Dance Workout – Fitness Friday #3

Don’t like the Latin style of Zumba®? How about Zumba® with a hip hop spin?? Try this Hip Hop Workout for a change!

HIP HOP DANCE WORKOUT - Love Zumba but would rather dance to hip hop music? | www.happyfoodhealthylife.com
Fitness Friday. My favorite blog-day of the week, now that we get to play and discover new fun exercises on Fridays. What are your thoughts on Fitness Friday? Like it? Don’t care for it? Think you’ll use it? I’d love to know your thoughts.

So today, we’re actually playing with one of my absolute favorite ways to workout. ZUMBA®! If you’ve never tried Zumba® before, you’re probably thinking a couple different things:

1) I have zero coordination when it comes to dance

2) Dancing around isn’t going to do anything for me

3) Latin music is not my thing

Well, I have got the thing for you! I’ll tell you something. I’m the most uncoordinated person ever. I have rhythm, but I’m definitely not gifted when it comes to dancing. But it’s all about moving and getting your heart-rate up. And after just a few times, you really start to get a hang of it. The more you start to get the moves, the harder you’re able to work (so don’t judge your sweat-level by your first Zumba® session).

Also, I have gotten some of my best workouts from Zumba® classes. We’re talking, sweat dripping from every inch of my body. Gross right? Totally. But it feels so good all the same!

Now, as for the Latin flair that is the backbone of Zumba®. I’ll be honest: it’s not my favorite. But I’ve been to many Zumba® classes that are more hip-hop focused than Latin. I decided to go through and find some of my favorite hip hop zumba® dances from YouTube and put together awesome 30 minutes of energy and beats!

Get ready to get your sweat on!

Not sure what to wear?? Here are some options:

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  1. says

    So many of the dance workouts I’ve looked at on YouTube had way too much coordination for me, but I LOVE THIS! I will actually DO this! I’m so happy I saw this on Pinterest!

    • Holly Waterfall says

      I’m glad you saw it too! Yes, I’m totally not coordinated, so the choreographed dance workouts are usually too much for me. Zumba is JUST right!

  2. Ellie says

    This ad on Pinterest is misleading. Licensed Zumba instructors everywhere are cringing at it. Zumba® Fitness is a Latin & International dance fitness program and we are trained to offer a variety of rhythms not just hip hop. If there are instructors teaching mostly hip hop then they are NOT teaching Zumba® And should change the name of the class to something else.

    • Holly Waterfall says

      I 100% agree with you that no Zumba instructor should be doing all one type of genre. But I know plenty of Zumba participants who prefer to do Zumba moves to hip hop music. Which is why I found different hip-hop inspired dances on youtube, taught by a variety of instructors, and compiled just a hip hop-inspired routine. This is no offense at all to Zumba instructors. This is only to please different types of people wanting to experience something different. Thanks for your insight!

      • Sally says

        If it is not a Zumba workout and you’re not a licensed Zumba instructor then you cannot legally use the name ‘Zumba’ in the name of your worlout – They could sue you for it! Just thought I’d let you know!

        • Holly Waterfall says

          Thanks for that info. Being as I’m not the person that’s instructing any of these videos, and they’re coming from Zumba instructors from various locations, I think I’m okay. All I did was compile a collection of videos right from youtube. No harm there.

          • Ellie says

            We are aware you are not a Zumba Instructor, but this article is misleading. Some Zumba instructors have problems with students expecting us to play mostly hip hop songs and we can’t. Articles like list fuel that fire. Im not talking about the videos, im talking about the whole article. I’m not sure if your misuse of the Zumba® Brand name is illegal or not, but it is misleading to readers. It would be better to mention actual Pop/hip hop fitness programs like Red Hott of Fierce Funk to those interested in a more hip hop type of workout.

  3. Abbey says

    Great list. Looks like Ellie’s got her Zumba pants all in a twist…good Lord, get a life lady. It’s a compilation of other people’s videos. #zumbaislifeforellie #zumbafanaddict

    Some people just gotta complain about EVERYTHING.

    • Holly Waterfall says

      Thanks Abbey for your support! I was so shocked too since I’ve gotten so much wonderful support from Zumba lovers.

      • Ellie says

        no need to get rude and call names. Just speaking up because a lot of people don’t understand what the Zumba fitness program is. I’ve talked to many fellow instructors about this and they all agree. Please just take the information I’ve given you and humbly learn from it. You don’t know me so please do not personally attack me. Good luck with your blog. After thiis last comment by Abby I will not be returning to comment. As I see we are not going to agree.

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