Healthy Ways to Love Yourself

When all is said and done, the kids and your spouse have all been taken care of, and it’s time to take care of yourself – MINUS the pint of ice cream! Check out these HEALTHY WAYS TO LOVE YOURSELF!

Healthy Ways to Love Yourself - It's important to remember to take care of #1 ... YOU! Instead of reaching for the Ben & Jerry's, try these out!|

So, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Excited? Not so much?

Chances are, you’ve given a whole lot of love to those around you. You’ve helped your kiddo make the cutest Valentines, you’ve planned the perfect date night with your spouse, and you even made treats for your co-workers. You’ve totally done it all. Except you’ve forgotten one person.


Showing yourself some love is just as important as showing those around you. I’m not talking about going out on a date with Ben & Jerry or drowning your sorrows in a bottle of whiskey. Face it, those types of “love” are pretty much one-night-stands. The satisfaction and enjoyment is long gone before the sun even comes up.

So let’s talk about things you can do to show yourself some HEALTHY love!

Over at Real Housemoms, I’m giving out all the tips!

So this Valentine’s Day or ANY day, remember to give yourself some love. Yes, it’s important to love those around us, but we’ve got to remember to take care of ourselves at the same time. Showing ourselves love is one of the most important things we can do. It is a great reminder that we are worth all the pampering and love too!

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