Grocery Shopping Mindfully

Yesterday, we talked about our environment and whether it promoted mindful or mindless behaviors. We decided that we have control over our environment and are able to choose what sorts of influences surround us on a daily basis. And those things we aren’t able to control? We decided it was in our capabilities to react in a healthy and rational manner to those things that pollute our environment.

Mindful eating really starts in the grocery store. This is where you buy the food that is going to be a part of your environment. This is what is going to be staring at you for the next week or so. It is up to you to buy foods that promote mindful eating. This is half the battle. Because of this, it is very important to mindfully approach the way you do your grocery shopping. How many of you dread going to the store because of all the difficult choices you are going to be presented with? I know I used to. The pull to all my trigger foods was so intense, and I played so many back-and-forth mind games until I finally ended my torturous trip and made it safely to the check-out line.

Maybe when you go to the store you are drawn to a particular food or aisle. What is it that is pulling you? Is it advertising on the packaging? Is it habit – you buy a food every time you’re at the store even if you know you don’t really need or want it? Is it a food that is one of your top mindless-eating triggers? Whatever it is that is pulling you toward a certain food, now is the time to take control.

Instead of telling yourself to just “let go” of these urges (because we all know it’s just not that easy), let’s make a plan:

Ok, so maybe I should stick to my writing gig until I figure out how to actually speak correctly! No, but really, you get the gist right? I hope that helped you in some way. Please understand that grocery shopping in a mindless way is very important in creating a mindful environment.

#1. Make a list

#2. Don’t shop hungry

#3. Don’t shop angry/emotional/stressed (should that say, “don’t shop if you’re female??” I kid!… sort of…)





    • Holly says

      Thank you Chuck for your response! You’re right… writing your plan down, whether it be your grocery list or what you’re going to eat that day, definitely helps. You have a physical game plan right in front of you. All you have to do after that is to follow the instructions that have already been written for you!

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