Ginger Orange Smoothie

Ginger Orange Smoothie - A healthy and refreshing smoothie to start your day!

As we phase out of holiday-related treats, I am in much need of foods that make me feel good. Food from the produce section. Food that doesn’t come from a box. Food that will make my body happy!

As I mentioned earlier, I am dedicating all of January to healthy eating. I am not the only one either! My good friend Amber over at Dessert Now, Dinner Later has taken on January with a Healthy Food, Healthy You theme. A bunch of her blogger friends, including yours truly, have gotten together to bring you healthy foods for the entire month.

This week, I’ve actually decided to create a Smoothie Week and let you in on some of my tips and tricks for creating nutritious and good-for-you smoothies. With that in mind, I thought I’d start off by sharing one of my favorite fresh smoothies over at Amber’s site. It’s a delicious Ginger Orange Smoothie that cleanses you from the inside out. For more details and the full recipe, head on over to Dessert Now, Dinner Later!

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