The Importance of Being Both Physically and Emotionally Healthy

You guys, I’m sitting here with a beanie on, a hoodie on, my coat still on, boots that should be keeping me warm, and I’m still freezing. This morning, I saw some temperatures at about ZERO! It was so cold this morning that when I went outside to scrape the layers of ice from my car, it didn’t do any good because it was frozen on the inside of my car. Yes that can happen. I had only heard about that happening before, but this morning I experienced a thin layer of ice on the inside of my windshield. Seriously ridiculous. Is it summer yet? Until those lovely days come, I’m sure you’ll hear my teeth chattering from whatever neck of the woods you’re in.

The Importance of Being BOTH Physically and Emotionally Healthy

Over the weekend, I was thinking about the post I shared with you last week about all the great things I can do now that I am healthy and happy. When I was sick and dealt with a disordered way of thinking and living, I wasn’t able to manage all the great things that I am now. Just going over that post had me thinking…

Getting healthy isn’t just about the things we can do

Getting healthy and happy is much about the way we feel!

Think this through with me. Let’s say you can run a 5k – something you’ve never done before. That’s a great achievement in itself. But what if the whole way through, you were down and depressed on the inside. You beat yourself up about how you should have lost more weight so you could be running faster. You tell yourself you’re still not good enough. And all these other demeaning things toward yourself. That is no better than never having run the race at all.

Being healthy and happy is all about the total package. Physically being in better shape is great, but more importantly is to be in EMOTIONALLY good shape!

Whether this means learning to actually feel your feelings instead of turning to eating or restriction, or maybe you need to work toward not holding your emotions in so often. Whatever it is, let’s make this happen.

I want to show you the difference recovery can make in a person’s emotional well-being. I thought of some of the ways I felt before and after recovery, and this is what it looked like.

I hope this inspires you.
I hope you are able to look at your life and see that there is always room for improvement. And if you are down because of the confines of a poor relationship with food, I hope you see that there is a reason to recover. Life is 100% better because of recovery.

Are you struggling with not knowing how to take that first step towards recovery? Please know that you are not alone and that you have the power within yourself to make huge changes.


    • Holly says

      Very true Rachel! I’ve found it to be helpful to relish in the moment of what I’m trying to achieve. Be proud of myself for achieving something that maybe I hadn’t been able to achieve in the past. After I’ve praised myself and really felt awesome about my achievements, it’s of course important to make goals to do better if that is what you desire. There is always room for improvement in all that we do. The key is to not wallow in it or take turn a positive situation into a negative situation.
      Turning to food when stressed/upset/etc is probably one of the most common situations I hear from my readers. I think it’s important to have a list on hand (prior to a breakdown) of things you can turn to before you turn to food. For example: cleaning your kitchen, going to workout, dancing, screaming into a pillow (seriously works), playing with kids/pets, etc etc. Once you have something in place that you can easily turn to, you have tools to be able to manage your stress in a healthy manner. I hope this helps some!

    • Holly says

      That’s great Bek! i think being mentally healthy is WAY more important than physically. A lot of people forget that though and just focus on the outside. Keep up your great work!

  1. Jessica Mouqué says

    You're right – it's definitely about being healthy through and through: physically, emotionally, spiritually. A tip for your car. If you put a piece of cardboard over it at night, the window won't frost. You can hold it down with your windshield wipers or close it into the front doors. Hope that helps your morning =).

  2. says

    I completely agree! When we start focusing in on creating more positives in our lives more good things seem to happen more often and come our easier… same if we focus on negatives.

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