Easter Eggs – Dyed Naturally

So I’ve finally decided that it’s about time I post something Easter-related, yeah?  Hey what can you say… Better late than never, right?

For the last few years, I’ve wanted to dye Easter eggs the natural way.  All those commercially-produced egg dyes are just artificial, and I’m so not a fan of that.  And besides, I love the rustic look that natural dyes produce.  The options are seriously endless when it comes to the different ways you can make dyes for your eggs.

Before I start in on the actual dying process, let me tell you about a life-changing tip for your hard-boiled eggs.  I saw this on Pinterest, and I just had to try it out.  Eggs hard “boiled” in the oven?!  I had never heard of anything like this.  My son loves hard-boiled eggs, but for some reason, I just never make them.  I feel like they’re a pain.  I don’t know why.  They only have to boil in water and then be rinsed in cold water.  Seemingly easy. Whatever the reason, they just seem really inconvenient to me.  So the idea of just putting the eggs in the oven for 27 minutes in a 350 degree oven seemed brilliant.  And it worked out perfectly.  No discoloration.  No weird texture.  Perfect egg!  I set the eggs in my mini-muffin tin so they wouldn’t roll all around.

Now onto the dyeing process.  I boiled lots of things in small saucepans of water.  Red onion skins, frozen blueberries, green tea (I just steeped this in a glass without heating), paprika, spinach, and coffee.

Once they had boiled for about 10 minutes and cooled off a little bit, I put enough of the strained liquid in mason jars to cover each egg.

I put the jars in the fridge for about 8 hours.  You could just leave them overnight, or until you are satisfied with the shade and hue of your eggs.

Mine ended up speckled and definitely not perfect, but you know, that’s what I like about them!

You can play around with so many different fruits, vegetables, herbs, and juices.  I wish I had found a way to make a richer green or red color.  Does anyone have any suggestions for next year?

What is your favorite method for decorating Easter eggs?  Paint, decopauge, Paas dye, fruits and veggies?  I want to hear about it! Are you doing something new this year?

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