How to Celebrate Your Accomplishments Without Food

How to Celebrate Your Accomplishments Without Food // Happy Food Healthy Life
Last week when I talked about emotional eating and trying to decipher the signs of an emotional eater, an issue came up that inspired me to write this post today. I mentioned that one of the ways to tell if you are an emotional eater is that you eat when you are stressed/upset/overly happy, etc. I started talking to a friend about the subject, and she mentioned that her family has always been the type to celebrate with food. It’s a birthday – you go to dinner. Your spouse gets a raise – let’s go out for drinks. You finally quit your job to do something you love – let’s eat! And then it turns into a bunch of silliness. I checked off my to-do list today – I deserve cake. I got dressed today – let’s celebrate with steak! Although these may be some wonderful accomplishments, and food may be a fun way to celebrate on occasion, we need to start thinking of some other ways to celebrate our big (and small) accomplishments.

There’s always a reason to get together to eat it seems. We have been programmed into using food and drink as the number one way to celebrate all the fun and exciting times in our lives. This can cause a skewed association with food in a few ways. We are reiterating that this celebration is not complete unless we have had our favorite dessert. It’s as if the accomplishment doesn’t come full circle until we indulge in treats.

Believe me, I know that food is always going to be a central part of parties, holidays, and other celebrations. There is just no avoiding that, it seems. But I would like to offer some other ways you could celebrate events in your life with activities besides eating. Even though I will admit that many of my fondest memories are centered around food, think of all the new memories you could be making with these other activities.

Ways to Celebrate Your Accomplishments Without Food

Do you agree that too much of life is surrounded around food? What are some ways you can celebrate without automatically going out to eat or ordering a few rounds of drinks?

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  1. says

    This is so interesting to think about. It is something that was HUGE for me growing up. We definitely did lots of things with food, celebrated, mourned, showed our love . . . we’re Italian, and it just comes with the territory (I will never understand how my grandma managed to stay so tiny). The other day I was talk to Meghan (Tasty Fork) and she said the line, “I don’t need a treat for my accomplishments, I’m not a dog.” It cracked me up. It’s true, but such a hard thing for me to move past. I am TOTALLY an emotional eater.

  2. Merry says

    Thanks Holly. It’s good to see alternatives, gets the brain flowing with more ideas!

    I honestly think that food is associated to celebration because 40 years ago no one ate out every day. As a kid we NEVER ate out unless there was a celebration. And it had to be a big one, not just birthdays (which were celebrated with food, but just dinner – a regular dinner with everyone there!). It was a real treat to get to go to Denny’s, much less anywhere fancy. Over time I think we have just evolved into over-indulgence since we get to “indulge” almost anytime we want these days.
    My family was poor, which is why we did not eat out. But poor families today eat out more because they think buying groceries is more expensive (and more work). Kids are hungry, I am tired – McDonalds!! It really is out-of-control. And I am just as guilty as the next guy.

  3. says

    Celebrating with food seems to be the norm…thanks for sharing some festive alternatives! I’ll go for the mani-pedi. Likewise, it seems our social calendars revolve around food…”Let’s get together for lunch” or “let’s all go out for dinner.” Lately, when I want to get together with a friend to catch-up, I suggest we go for a walk.

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