All-Natural Whiskey Sour

All-Natural Whiskey Sour - a favorite cocktail with no added sugar or sweet & sour mix

Don't you just hate those days where every single little thing that could go wrong does actually go wrong? Let me just make you a list of a few things that took place this last Tuesday: My coffee tasted burnt (should've known the day would be shit from that moment on) I spent 45 minutes creating a video only to find that the entire time, I was out of focus. Take 2 on … [Read more...]

Dairy-Free Vanilla Bean Horchata and my Total TMI Journey with IBS

Giiirrrrl, we are about to get real today.No really. If you’re not interested in a whole lotta TMI, you should just click away now. But if you’re like me and interested in all the deep dark weird secrets of complete strangers on the internet, well then you’re in the right place.Real quick though. The recipe I'm featuring today includes one of my 10 Healthy Pantry Staples that … [Read more...]

Cucumber Lemonade Cleansing Juice

Cleanse your body from the inside out with this cool and fresh Cucumber Lemonade Cleansing Juice. Just a few ingredients, a couple minutes, and you'll be sipping on a freshness that will allow you to clear your mind and your soul. If you like this post, make sure you share to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Yummly with the buttons above. You know, I don't … [Read more...]

Dairy-Free S’mores Cocktail Recipe

It's summer now and all things S'mores are fair game. Start your summer off right with this Dairy-Free S'mores Cocktail. Why should you have to choose between dessert and drinks anyway! With this one you don't have to! In this post, I tell you exactly how to lighten this specific drink up, but I also want to tell you how I make each and every one of my cocktails … [Read more...]

How to Make an Indoor/Outdoor Herb Garden and a Basil Peach Whiskey Cocktail

THIS POST IS SPONSORED BY ECOSCRAPS. THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING ME TO CONTINUE CREATING GREAT CONTENT FOR YOU BY SUPPORTING PARTNERSHIPS WITH SUPER AWESOME BRANDS THAT HFHL LOVES TO WORK WITH! AS ALWAYS, OPINIONS REMAIN 100% MY OWN. Summer is literally right around the corner, and I believe in celebrating the warm months with a refreshing drink in one hand and a good book in the … [Read more...]