How to Get Your Workout in Before Work – Even When You’re Not a Morning Person

    Exercise. You know you’re supposed to do it. You know all the benefits to doing it. Yet, you just can’t seem to get on a regular routine where exercise is a part of your daily life. Life gets in the way.  Your boss needs you to stay late to finish a last minute assignment. Your kid gets sick and you're stuck at home cleaning up puke all over your living room … [Read more...]

Ultimate Working Mom’s Guide to Getting a Healthy Dinner on the Table Every Night

The Ultimate Working Mom's Guide to Getting a Healthy Dinner on the Table Every Night | family | healthy | working mom | dinner | meal plan

  Mom life - it's full of chaos from the very beginning.  Changing what seems like a billion diapers over the course of a child's existence, which of course multiplies if you have more than one child. Trying to keep a relatively clean home when all your hard work is being undone by a miniature human. Joining PTA, fundraisers for school, and heading up as assistant … [Read more...]

Tips for Living an Active Life When You Don’t Feel Well or Suffer from IBS

    Welcome! I am so happy that you are here. I know you're looking for solutions that will help you to feel better and live a more active life even on the days that you don't feel so hot. But first thing's first. I want you to know that you are not alone. As the owner of a health & wellness website, you probably have some sort of vision of what my life … [Read more...]

10 Rules to Live By as a Strong and Independent Woman

THIS POST IS SPONSORED BY ALWAYS. THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING ME TO CONTINUE CREATING GREAT CONTENT FOR YOU BY SUPPORTING PARTNERSHIPS WITH SUPER AWESOME BRANDS THAT HFHL LOVES TO WORK WITH! AS ALWAYS, OPINIONS REMAIN 100% MY OWN. #Always #AlwaysCrowd #RewriteTheRules #adAs a 30-something-year-old woman, I have gone through so many trials, battles, and struggles. I have lived in … [Read more...]

How to Stay Healthy When You Have an Office Job and Sit on Your Butt All Day

How to Stay Healthy When you Have an Office Job and Sit on Your Butt All Day - instead of giving into a sedentary life, why don't you try intentionally adding in these 7 tips for living a more active life, despite your office job.

Hello There!I bet I know exactly why you're here. I know why you clicked through to read this post, and I cannot wait to give you all the solutions I've come up with for you.Wanna know how I know what you're struggling with? Because I have been there! I've SO been there.hours and hours of sitting on your butt all day at an office chair as your life just seems to waste … [Read more...]