Being in the Moment: Step 3 of Being Mindful

Here we are. Monday morning. A fresh start to our week. Hopefully you had a refreshing weekend and are ready to start the week with an open mind. I definitely feel a little more refreshed after a great living-room yoga session on Saturday and a night out at a wedding later that night. I bought a new yoga mat and am already looking forward to an early morning session before starting the day.

Well, I have given you a couple of weeks to think about you a couple of weeks to soak in some of the information about step two in the process of being mindful. I talked about the importance of observation in your daily lives. I asked you to really pay attention to some of your habits and your feelings when it comes to the one thing you are trying to be more mindful of. How is that going for you? I also provided you with a scale to measure how aware you are of your body and eating throughout the day. Have you used this? Where are you seeing yourself on an average basis?

Step three of the mindful process is Being in the Moment. I know much of these terms, being aware, observing, and being in the moment are very similar and can overlap a bit, but each one builds upon each other just slightly. Little by little, we add a little piece to the puzzle of being mindful to our bodies and the food we eat.

I’ve talked about being in the moment time and time again with you guys. There are many times in our day-to-day activities when we don’t even have to think about how to do something. It just becomes automatic. For example, eating. We all know how to eat. We’ve been doing it since before we can remember. So when we eat, we’re able to think and focus on other things and just continue eating without paying attention to the cues we need to to be aware of. This is not a healthy way to becoming mindful in your eating.

What are some ways you can be more in the moment? Here are a few examples to get you thinking:

  • stop multi-tasking
  • turn your tv off
  • turn off autopilot by shifting your routine

When you are fully in the moment, your mind is able to focus on things as they happen. You no longer have to stop and look back at the situation that you just missed and ask yourself how everything just happened. You won’t have to ask yourself, “So, how exactly did I get away with eating a whole bag of potato chips without even noticing?” You will be in the present moment at all times while you are eating. You will be able to feel yourself getting full. You will be able to notice that you’re not eating for the taste after probably just a few bites. Your tastebuds will be satisfied, and you will be aware and mindful of what exactly is going on in your head, in your mouth, and in your surroundings.

So I ask you. The next time you sit down to eat, why don’t you bring your mind along for the meal? Your health depends on it!

What are some ways you can attempt to be more in the moment?

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