5 Essentials to Pack for a Healthy Vacation

Make sure when you pack for your summer vacation, you are setting yourself up for success by packing these 5 ESSENTIALS FOR A HEALTHY VACATION.

I enjoyed creating this Summertime survival post for you on behalf of Socialstars and Ricola®. As always, all opinions are my own.

5 Essentials to Pack for a Healthy Vacation | Happy Food Healthy Life

So have you gone on summer vacation yet? Are you planning to? 

I was able to get away a couple weeks ago for a super relaxing weekend by the lake. I knew the weekend was going to be totally unplugged, so I didn’t need much more than magazines, books, and a good pair of sunglasses. 

And it was kind of fate (in a twisted kind of way) that the morning of the little trip involved a hike up a mountain where I happened to slip on a wet rock, into the water, followed by my phone… 

Yup, good thing I wouldn’t be needing that all weekend. Safe to say, that baby stayed in a bag full of rice all weekend to pull as much moisture out of it as possible. (and as of now, everything seems to be working… ish

Oh, and of course to top things off, once we got back from the hike, and I started packing up my suitcase, massive cramps started… Seriously?! Was this an omen that the weekend was going to be full of horrible luck? First the phone, then the lady-cramps. Not cool man, not cool.

Well, I couldn’t really call the weekend off, and I REALLY wanted to go, so I plopped the suitcase on the bed and started tossing things at its general direction. As much as I love vacation and the relaxing nature that it can have, I totally hate packing. I always end up over-packing or forgetting something.

But there is one thing I knew for certain as I was packing that morning. I was about to spend the weekend with 15 other people all under one roof, and I had to make sure my immune system was boosted, and I did all I could to keep myself healthy so I could truly enjoy the weekend.

5 Essentials to Pack for a Healthy Vacation | Happy Food Healthy Life

5 Essentials to Pack for a Healthy Vacation | Happy Food Healthy Life

So these are the 5 Essentials to Pack for a Healthy Vacation:

1. Sunscreen – Well, this one’s not necessarily for my immune system, but I knew hours and hours spent outside by the lake, I NEEDED to get my sunscreen going. Gone are the days of spending hours and hours purposely getting tan (which then resulted in massive sunburns). You have got to protect your skin from all the harmful rays, even if it seems overcast. Anytime outside, slather it on!

2. Water Bottle – This one’s a no-brainer. I know you think you can grab water while you’re out and about on vacation, but the reality of the fact is that we forget. We’re busy. We’re go-go-go on vacation, and we tend to forget. And by the time we finally remember, we often will just settle for a soda. So pack a water bottle, keep it with you and filled up at all times. I’ve even noticed that airports have started putting in water-bottle fill-up stations, which I think is fantastic! Both for our health and for the environment. Less waste to bring your own re-usable bottle. Just be sure it’s completely empty before going through security!

3. Healthy Snacks – I always make it a point to whip up a batch of healthy baked goods. Muffins, granola bars, protein bars, energy bites. Something that’s easy to just grab and go. You’ll probably be able to get your hands on fruits while on vacation, but other healthy snacks may be harder to come by. So do yourself a favor and make your own so you’re not stuck hungry and grabbing for something you wouldn’t otherwise eat.

4. Soothing Throat Drops – I swear, every time I travel, I either have a cough or get a scratchy throat. I don’t know what it is. Change in temperature or what, but it always seems to happen. Thankfully I’ve discovered Ricola Revitalizing Herb Drops. I can’t tell you how helpful they have been.

My son also gets sore throats from his allergies, and he’s pretty much spoiled by these babies and doesn’t want anything else because they help him so much.

And I’m telling you, they are not like your average throat drop. They have an effervescent center that just makes everything feel nice and less irritated. They’re packed with a combination of 10 herbs that are sure to help you feel better. And what I love about Ricola is that they are committed to NOT using any pesticides or herbicides in their Swiss farms. That’s a company I can stand behind, so I’m sure to always have their drops with me wherever I go! So if you know you’re prone to a scratchy throat or allergies while travelling, you have got to pick up a bag of Ricola Throat Drops!

5. Essential Oils – Lastly, essential oils are a huge part of my emergency tool kit. If you’re not familiar with them, you’ve got to learn. They help me through headaches, stomachaches (including travel-induced nausea), burns, cuts, sore muscles (you know, from walking through Disney all day long), and even those pesky cramps that were killing me most of the weekend.

5 Essentials to Pack for a Healthy Vacation | Happy Food Healthy Life

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