45 Healthy Dinner Recipes

45 Healthy Dinner Recipes from Happy Food Healthy Life
Instead of the normal Weekend Web Findings post here on Sundays, I wanted to try something new. Round-ups seem to be all the craze around the web, and with this healthy food month going on at Happy Food Healthy Life, I really wanted to round up some of my favorite healthy recipes from around the internet. I have some of the best blogger friends, and they were all wonderful enough to let me share some of their recipes with you all. I hope you enjoy and get some inspiration to start making some healthy recipe choices!

Before I get to the sharing, I just want to share a few of my favorite tools that get me through dinner time:

* My favorite blender for whipping up soups and sauces from scratch.
* My Ginsu knife set that stays super sharp all the time, so I can dice up all those veggies for healthy meals.
* Giada’s Feel Good Food cookbook for inspiration.











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