3-Ingredient Citrus Strawberry Sorbet

3-Ingredient Citrus Strawberry Sorbet // Happy Food Healthy Life

Okay, you know that one time when I told you that I would stop posting strawberry recipes? I lied. Get over. And moving on now.

I am seriously not good at food photography. It’s something I struggle with all the time. What’s even worse is when you are forced to race against the clock. It’s one thing to be photographing a stack of cookies. For the most part, they’re not going anywhere, and they’re definitely not changing the way they look. They sit, they stay, and they smile pretty.

Let’s talk melty things though. They are not my friend (unless you’re ooey gooey melty cheese) when it comes to photography. Melty things start dripping. Melty things make messes. Melty things lose their form. You’re trying to get the best lighting, but the more light you have, the less form in your drippy melty food you have. It’s not good. I don’t work well under pressure.

So you’re just going to have to bare with my sub-par photography today and trust the words that you read.

This is the easiest summer-time treat I’ve ever made. I get major cravings for ice cream and usually get frustrated for a couple of reasons. For one, the amount of egg yolk + heavy cream in ice cream is enough for me to change my mind about wanting ice cream. Yes, I know we’re all about moderation and being able to eat all foods around here, but I usually choose my health over full-fat versions of treats. Just my thoughts. Secondly, the time ice cream takes to make in the ice cream maker… holy moly, I could eat a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s in the time it takes in the ice cream maker… and that’s IF the bowl is already frozen.

With summer right around the corner (as in 80’s and 90’s next week!!), I am bound to have many cravings for cool treats, and this all-natural and delicious bowl of yum is the perfect solution. I almost always have a bag or two of strawberries in the freezer, oranges are plentiful in our fridge, and there’s always honey on the shelf. Easy Peasy. I used my Blendtec to whip this up, but you could use any high-speed blender for this sorbet. So let’s get going, alright?

3-Ingredient Citrus Strawberry Sorbet // Happy Food Healthy Life

3-Ingredient Citrus Strawberry Sorbet
Servings: 5
  • 2 oranges , peeled
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 3 cups strawberries , frozen
  1. Combine first two ingredients and blend for about 30 seconds, until the oranges are completely broken down.
  2. Add the strawberries and blend on high speed until strawberries are combined and broken down.
  3. Serve immediately or freeze in a freezer-safe container for a firmer consistency.
Recipe Notes

If using a Blendtec blender:
I used the "Sauces" cycle for the oranges and honey and the "Ice Cream" cycle once I added the strawberries in.

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  1. Katie Clark says

    Never stop posting strawberry recipes, they are all so yummy! This looks great, and I actually can have it…which makes it even better. Definitely going to try this, this summer.

  2. Lisa @ Je suis alimentageuse says

    Holly this looks amazing! And I know how you feel about melty food too =P Often I shape things into the glass, and then stick em in the freezer while I take prelim photos (gauging light, angle, placement, etc). When I think I’ve got it, I pull the melty food out and shoot awaaay!

    • says

      oh that’s so smart! Wait until you have a little one who’s BEGGING you to eat your creations though. no time to freeze and prep. Just gotta hurry and get it photographed so the kid can nom away!

  3. Kelly Miller says

    I think it looks absolutely delicious! I don’t post a lot of frozen recipes, but the biggest issue I have are my two boys (4 and 1 1/2) standing RIGHT THERE and grabbing the food! It’s like they have a radar when I get my camera and props out lol.

  4. Megan Hackney says

    So glad it’s going to be warm here this weekend, because this looks like the perfect treat. And I can’t believe how easy it is to make!


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