18 {of the Best} Tofu Recipes

18 of the Best Tofu Recipes that will make you fall in love with TOFU! Dinners, Snacks, and even Desserts! a Round-up by www.happyfoodhealthylife.com
Do you see all of those delicious-looking tofu recipes up there?! Seriously some beautiful food! I am bringing you these recipes because I want to de-bunk the “tofu is disgusting” myth. I will tell you one thing: Tofu that you order from a restaurant is almost always prepared disgustingly. Yup. It’s gross stuff. So if that is the only experience you have had with tofu, I hope you will give some of these recipes a try before you swear off tofu for the rest of your life.
Tofu holds a whole lot of protein, and I wouldn’t want you to miss out just because you had a bad experience. Or maybe you’ve never tried tofu before. Please let one of these recipes be your first experience! I have some super talented blogging friends, and I am so excited to share their delicious tofu recipes.
Before I get to the goods: if you want to pin anything here, pretty pretty please go to the source of the original recipe to pin. That way you’ll find the recipe lots quicker when you go to make it rather than having to come through my site first.
Alright, they’re all yours!
Soy and Honey Glazed Tofu, Broccoli and Rice from Cooking on the Weekends
Avocado & Tofu Lettuce Wraps from Happy Food Healthy Life
Banana Bread Smoothie from Wonky Wonderful
Barbecue Tofu Pizza from Kitchen Treaty
Blueberry Cheesecake Dip from An Edible Mosaic
Chickpea & Tofu Stirfry from The Corner Kitchen
Lemon Garlic Hummus from No Sugar Sweet Life
Marinated Tofu & Vegetable Bowls from Happy Food Healthy life
Peanut Butter Mousse from Busy in Brooklyn
Three Pea Ginger Tofu Stir Fry from The Law Student’s Wife
Color-Splash Tofu and Quesadilla Salad from Hezzi-D’s Books and Cooks
Thai Curry Vegetable & Tofu Soup from The Haas Machine

Marinated Tofu Fresh Spring Rolls from Je Suis Alimentageuse
Veggie & Tofu Noodle Bowl from Wine & Glue
Crispy Tofu Bites from Life & Kitchen
And a Bonus!! If you would like to know how to Perfectly Prepare Tofu, don’t forget to check this one out.
How To Perfectly Prepare Tofu
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  1. says

    I have never been able to become a fan of tofu and I’m sure it’s because I’ve never had it cooked well. Baked tofu is my favorite that I’ve tried(pretty sure I shouldn’t say ‘favorite’, haha) I will have to try your tofu lettuce wraps, those do look pretty tasty!

    • Holly Waterfall says

      I can completely understand your aversion to tofu. I’ve definitely had not-so-great tofu in my lifetime. It wasn’t until I started making it myself that I started enjoying it. Hopefully I’ll convert you too 🙂

  2. says

    Can’t believe I never thanked you for including my Soy and Honey Glazed Tofu, Broccoli and Rice in this super delicious round-up! Thank you! Loving your site. 🙂

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