Weekend Web Findings – Edition 3


This last week was so exhausting and just go-go-go. Between my outside-of-the-home job and this awesome little blog, I worked about 80 hours. Unfortunately, my body is paying for the little sleep it’s gotten, and I feel like I’m just going to crash at any moment. Luckily, I got to have an awesome date night with my wife last night, and I hope to just have a chill day today. It’s been cold and dreary here in Utah, so baking, watching movies, and staying in comfy clothes sounds just delightful.

Well, as I do on Sundays, I just wanted to leave you with some of the fun things I found around the Web throughout the week. I especially like the photo trick my good friend Kristen pointed me to on Pinterest. Make sure you scroll down to get in on the fun!

Interesting Links:

* Such a great reminder to appreciate all the little positive things, especially when things are rough.
* The holidays are a time when so many of us find excuses to trash our bodies. Find out how to show your body love this holiday season.
* Ever wanted to try Barre classes but didn’t have the time or an affordable studio nearby? This is what I’m starting this week.
* I love DIY skin-care products. I making this one soon!!
* How do you guys feel about cheese and bread? I need more of it in my life, especially this one!
* I’m a Lego Nerd and LOVE Van Gogh’s Starry Night, so it’s only appropriate that I share this.

Pinteresting Stuff:

photobackdropThis whole concept just blew my mind!


I am pretty sure I need to throw a color-themed party and make beautiful coordinating candy apples like these!


I am so inspired by this quote!

I know this one’s a little short, but well, it’s nap time, and honestly, my eyes just couldn’t stay open much longer! I hope you’re having a fun weekend and staying warm!



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