How Walgreens is Helping me Take Control of my Family’s Health with their Easy Medication Refills

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How Walgreens is Helping me take control of my Family's Health with Medication Refills

In my family, as much as we absolutely despise medication and would much rather go the holistic route, modern day medication is necessary for all of us. And that means, that on a monthly basis, we are having to deal with medication refills. There was a time in my life that I absolutely hated having to take care of the couple refills we have. It was an out-of-the-way stop I didn’t want to have to make. It meant getting out of my car and back into the cold. And it meant going through the ridiculous automated system at the other pharmacy I was dealing with. Thank goodness, I have since learned about the awesomeness that Walgreens is!

You see, my son has asthma. It is an on-going battle. He developed it when he was about three years old, just 6 months after suffering a rare auto-immune disease (Kawasaki Disease). Before this, he was the healthiest little baby and toddler. And then out of nowhere, our little world was turned upside down. Of course, our biggest concern was trying to get our little guy on track to a healthy recovery and be sure his heart and lungs were working properly.

Unfortunately, for Xander, that meant a number of medications. Steroids to help his lungs in emergencies. The inhaler for emergencies. And now, we are on a daily preventative inhaler that, for the most part, has kept him out of the doctor’s office and emergency room for quite awhile. Without Xander’s daily medication, we would be spending hundreds of dollars on emergency room visits and extensive breathing treatments, and that’s just not something we can do.


With these monthly medication refills, the last thing I want to do is spend additional time messing with it. I just want to have it done and swing by to grab it. Let me tell you something. Walgreens can do just that!

Did you know that Walgreens has an app? Yup. You can take care of your medication refills right from your phone. If you’re transferring a prescription from another store, just take a little picture of your Rx from your phone and shoot it over. If you’re needing a refill from Walgreens, just type in the Rx number, and click “refill.” OR… if you opt to receive text message notifications, when it’s time to refill your prescription, all you have to do is reply back to the original text and type “Refill” and it’s done! That’s it. And then you get in your car, drive to the Walgreens that you set up on your app, don’t even get out of your car, and head right through the drive-through. And that’s it! You’re done! Isn’t that awesome?!

Medication Refill

Because my son has his asthma medications, I am confident in letting him live his life as a kid, as he should be able to. There were many months where I wasn’t sure he would ever have a life full of running around outside. I didn’t know if he’d every be able to participate in sports, play tag at recess, or enjoy riding a bike outside. Without his preventative care, I am thrilled to say that Xander has been given his life back, and that is all this mama can ask for.



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