The Flat Cookie Mystery

{Soft Ginger Molasses Cookies}

Sorry it’s been a little quiet around here this week.  I guess you could say I’ve been spending some much needed time tending to some other things in my life.

One of those much needed tasks was to make some cookies. {Priorities!} After making yet another batch of flat cookies, I’ve decided it’s time to ask for a little advice. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Is it an altitude thing? {I’m in Salt Lake City, which is about 4,300 feet} Is it a butter issue? I swear I don’t over-mix. I sometimes put the dough back in the fridge to cool before putting in the oven.

{Brown Butter and Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies}

My cookies sometimes will look all fluffy and pretty as soon as I take them out of the oven, but then they just deflate like a sad clown’s balloon in a matter of seconds.  I’ve even tried recipes that are guaranteed to yield the fluffiest of cookies! I’ve tried different baking sheets. I’ve tried with and without the silicone baking mat. I’ve lowered the amount of baking soda. Nothing seems to help.

Sure, I can make a delicious treat in the form of a cookie, but they aren’t all that pretty to look at.  I would love to be able to give cookies as gifts, but c’mon man – no one wants to be able to look through their cookie and be able to see the person across the table from them! It’s just not okay.

{Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies}

So today, I’m asking for your help. What is my problem with cookies. I love making cookies, but I’m starting to get a little frustrated and sick of making ugly cookies. I would love to be able to make those oreo stuffed chocolate cookies, but you know what happens when I make those? Huge mound of Oreo in the middle with flat cookie pancake surrounding it.

Basically a big epic cookie fail.

So what advice do you have for me? Do you have experience with high altitude baking? Maybe that’s not the issue at all. Maybe I wasn’t meant to make cookies. Please help! I’ll try anything at this point.


    • Holly says

      oooh, thanks Sarah! what a great article. I’m going to plan a weekend of “operation:test-kitchen” sometime soon.


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