Laundry Closet Before & After

On a completely unrelated weekend edition note, I can’t pass up this opportunity to share my laundry “room” revamp. In our small apartment, our laundry room is nothing more than a closet in the hallway across from the kitchen. It holds our washer, dryer, and a couple shelves above it. Nothing fancy. Not much storage room. As an apartment dweller, I’ve pretty much thrown away the idea of having a cute laundry room. We would just have to settle for the hole in the wall laundry closet until we bought a house.

Those shelves in our laundry closet have been a real holding ground for so much junk we have. Maybe not really junk, but stuff that didn’t have a home. So it just ended up looking like junk because it was all just thrown and stuffed on the shelves. And let me tell you, it was not a pretty site. Ok, so I guess I’ll get brave and just show you…

Isn’t that just ridiculous?! I’m pretty embarrassed to post this, but you know what, this is all about being real. Doesn’t this just give you a lot of anxiety? I know it did me. That’s why I knew it was time to do something about the situation. I took off work Thursday and Friday after the holiday for some much needed me-time, and I knew this project was one that would need to be tackled in this time off.

It didn’t take a whole lot either. Some cute contact paper (from the Dollar Store!), some bins from Target (some from the dollar section), and some free printable labels¬†for the bins. I threw away a lot of stuff. I redirected some other things to new homes. All in all, I made this space more functional, much prettier to look at, and less anxiety-ridden. Are you ready for it??

Get ready…





Whatcha think? So it’s not absolutely complete. I would like to hang my broom and swiffer-like cleaners from some mop hooks. I would also like to add something pretty directly above the washer and dryer. I’m going to be keeping my eyes open for something for that space.

Here’s one last look at the drastic before and after. I’m in love with it!

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