Gratitude. August 4th

Continuing on with my Gratitude Challenge.

Three things I want to express my gratitude for:

1. my physical ability to run a 5k race

2. my wife’s shared appreciation for physical fitness

3. my “me time” that I get on Saturday afternoons to do anything that I feel like

A positive moment from the prior 24 hours:

I am so proud of my Honey today. We both ran a 5k race this morning, and it was her first race. She not only finished, but she surpassed her previous best time by leaps and bounds! We stayed together the first mile (which happened to be my fastest mile ever), but then she was off. I watched her go, and I was really just so proud of her. This is someone who used to hate running. She has now been training for weeks, and her hard work definitely paid off, as she finished about 4 minutes before me. I was reminded of how dedicated she is when she really puts her mind to something. I am very impressed by my wife and couldn’t be prouder.

Who in your life are you proud of?

Share your gratitude for them. Let them know how proud you are!


  1. says

    I am so proud of my son for always wanting to help out! He loves his Mama and his Mommy and he’s forever wanting to lend a hand, he even offers to pay for things when we are out and about. So proud!

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