Vegetarian Chunky Marinara Sauce

Vegetarian Chunky Marinara Sauce - Looking for a healthy meatless sauce that is full of fresh veggies and packed full of flavor? This is the one! |

Looking for a meatless, but hearty, meal that will please your entire family? This VEGETARIAN CHUNKY MARINARA SAUCE is perfect for a quick weeknight dinner or a special occasion like date-night-in! So let's talk Valentine's Day. What's your plan? Do you cook at home or brave the crowds and go to a restaurant to make them do all the work? Or is it all about the kids and … [Read more...]

Stop Counting Calories! And Still Maintain a Healthy Weight.

Stop Counting Calories and find out what I do instead and am able to maintain my weight. |

Counting calories really can be a burden. Find out how I stopped counting calories and am able to maintain a healthy weight. Just starting this one off by saying that this is what has worked for me. Other things may work for you, but I'm just sharing my experiences (and why I think my way of staying healthy is the best way... kidding... kinda). I know there's all these apps … [Read more...]

Flourless Triple Chocolate Cookies

Flourless Triple Chocolate Cookies - I never knew gluten free could taste this rich and delectable! |

 With just one rich and chewy bite, you'll be hooked! And you'd never guess that these Flourless Triple Chocolate Cookies are Gluten Free!   Cookies. Yeah, I kind of have a hard time keeping them around the house. For the most part, I can keep sweets and treats around me with no problem, but there's just something about cookies that makes me forget about all my … [Read more...]

Raspberry Chocolate Brie Dessert Sandwiches

Raspberry Chocolate Brie Dessert Sandwich - an ooey-gooey grown-up treat sure to please your sweet tooth! | www.happyfoodhealthylife

  This Raspberry Chocolate Brie Dessert Sandwich is full of so much grown-up indulgence, with one little secret that will keep you on the healthy-bandwagon!  this post has been sponsored by MELT® Organic, but as always opinions are my own. We are now officially into February. Can you believe that we're already one month into this year?! In the food blog world, I … [Read more...]