How to Stay Healthy When You Have an Office Job and Sit on Your Butt All Day

How to Stay Healthy When you Have an Office Job and Sit on Your Butt All Day - instead of giving into a sedentary life, why don't you try intentionally adding in these 7 tips for living a more active life, despite your office job.

Hello There!I bet I know exactly why you're here. I know why you clicked through to read this post, and I cannot wait to give you all the solutions I've come up with for you.Wanna know how I know what you're struggling with? Because I have been there! I've SO been there.hours and hours of sitting on your butt all day at an office chair as your life just seems to waste … [Read more...]

Vegan Apricot Bagel Spread


Top your next bagel with a creamy and fruity spread that is actually dairy-free and fresh! Just 4 ingredients and comes together in minutes!Bagels. I have a love/hate relationship with bagels. I love them for the obvious reasons. For one, they're carbs, and I sure do love my carbs. They're tasty. You can get them in a million different flavors. Plus, they are the perfect … [Read more...]

What if I Never Feel Full?


Ever just keep on eating and eating because your body isn't shouting at you and telling you that it's full? Believe me, I've been there too!I have to share something with you. One of the most common questions I get in my inbox is this:"What if I just can't stop eating? I never feel full, and I think I could just keep piling the food in."There are many factors that could lead to … [Read more...]

11 Lessons You Must Teach Your Daughter to Help Grow a Strong & Healthy Woman


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Dairy-Free Vanilla Bean Horchata and my Total TMI Journey with IBS


Giiirrrrl, we are about to get real today.No really. If you’re not interested in a whole lotta TMI, you should just click away now. But if you’re like me and interested in all the deep dark weird secrets of complete strangers on the internet, well then you’re in the right place.Real quick though. The recipe I'm featuring today includes one of my 10 Healthy Pantry Staples that … [Read more...]