All-Natural Whiskey Sour

All-Natural Whiskey Sour - a favorite cocktail with no added sugar or sweet & sour mix

Don't you just hate those days where every single little thing that could go wrong does actually go wrong? Let me just make you a list of a few things that took place this last Tuesday: My coffee tasted burnt (should've known the day would be shit from that moment on) I spent 45 minutes creating a video only to find that the entire time, I was out of focus. Take 2 on … [Read more...]

No-Bake Tropical Granola Bar Bites

No-Bake Tropical Granola Bar Bites - Great for healthy after school snacks or on the go.

This time of year is tricky.On one hand, I can't wait for all things pumpkin. Fall leaves. Halloween. Leggings & Boots. Scarves. Bring it on.But then there's the fact that I'm holding on to that last string of summer. Lake life. Sun. Cocktails by the pool. Long days. Late nights. Oh I'm going to miss it all so much.With every change of season comes changes in my habits. In … [Read more...]

Southwestern Sweet Potato Waffles


Well, it certainly is that time of year, isn't it? School hasn't quite started for us yet, but I'm already feeling the pressure of a busy schedule upon us.Just this week we had a parent meeting with my son's new teacher. Another night we were out and about getting some last-minute school shopping done. Another night we were at the school again for back-to-school night. My … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Actually Feel Good During That Time of the Month


I’m sharing #Always in my life as part of an Always  sponsored series for Socialstars™ #ad #RewriteTheRulesYup, we are absolutely 100% going there today.We're talking about girl stuff. The stuff that always gets talked about behind closed doors. The stuff we whisper under our breath. The stuff we often just don't talk about it at all because for whatever reason, it's become … [Read more...]

Vegan “Chicken” Salad Sandwiches


I seriously have the worst luck with electronics. Phones, computers, hard drives, chargers. Ever-y-thing. I’m just one of those people that has bad energy or something.Is that even possible? Can a person be made up of energies that just don’t play well with electronics?If that’s a thing, I promise you that I have it.I go through about 1 laptop every 18 months.My hard-drives … [Read more...]