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Weekend Web Findings

November 18th, 2012 | Posted by Holly Waterfall in Life | Motivation

So I had a mini-freakout yesterday night when I realized this actually posted yesterday morning… unfinished! So I’m sorry if you just say a few links with no picture or explanation or anything. Mistake on my part. Bit of a panic to make everything private for a bit while I fix it, but all is good now.

Are you all ready for the holiday? I’m so excited for the good food ahead. I’m excited to be spending time with family. We’re going to my in-law’s for the day, which is always a good time. Unfortunately, my son will be with his dad that day, and he will definitely be missed.

How many of you like to start decorating for Christmas as soon as Thanksgiving is over? Or maybe you’ve already started? I’m definitely looking forward to decorating. I would like to buy all new decorations though, which isn’t exactly in the budget.

Welp, I’ll leave you with some of the things I’ve seen around the internet this week that have caught my eye.

* I will stop complaining so much about my tiny apartment kitchen. Now that I’ve seen what Smitten Kitchen can do in her teeny space, I should probably just shut up.

* Um I need a polar bear now…. please?

* oh my goodness, I’m kind of glad we don’t have a dog because of these BAD (but hilarious) dogs!

* I want to exercise and waste time on Pinterest at the same time.

* What a beautiful and delicious fall drink! Perfect for Thanksgiving!

* If you’re still not sure what you’re making for Thanksgiving, Averie Cooks offers a full spread of healthier T-giving options.

Have you seen anything fun and exciting around the web these days? Made anything from Pinterest?


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