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FoodieCrush Summer Magazine 2012

July 14th, 2012 | Posted by Holly Waterfall in Dessert | Motivation




Have you guys seen this? Heidi Larson over at foodiecrush has created this beautiful Summer 2012 edition of her magazine. It’s filled with some delicious looking recipes that I am so excited to whip up.

There was a great collection of boy bloggers, which I was so intrigued and interested to read. It was really refreshing to read about this small group of dudes who have this love of food and sharing their passions as well.

I also really enjoyed reading about Ashley from Small Measure. She is a very inspiring woman who lives a life of simplicity, in the best admirable definition of the word.

I recommend you to head on over to foodiecrush to check out the magazine to see it all for yourself.

Oh maybe I forgot to mention, but Heidi was also so incredibly generous to feature one of my recipes in her impressive magazine. So there’s even more reason to check it out!

I hope you enjoy it! I know I’m loving reading about some of my most admired foodie crushes, as well as learning about new foodies!

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